Is There A DirecTV Remote App Available?

With the development of smartphone mobile applications, it’s getting easier for people to enjoy their life so simply. Nowadays, all the services and businesses are running with the help of applications. For DirecTV users, to simplify the services, users’ accessibility, etc, they also provide a mobile app.

There is a DirecTV app available to download from the Google play store or Apple Store. Under the settings tab of the application, you can connect your DVR receiver box and control it using your smartphone or tablet PC. To get this feature, the DVR box and the mobile smartphone should be connected to the same WiFi network.

Basically, the official ATT DirecTV app has the feature to watch the content on mobile. So that if you are traveling and want to watch your favorite TV shows live, then you can stream through the application.

Download the DirecTV app for iOS and Android

You can download the app and install it on your smartphone or tablet PC from the respective app stores. The app will no longer be available in some regions like Asia, Africa, etc. But if you are in region united states, Canada, etc, it can be available to download.

You can only control the DirecTV streaming device with this app, and not the satellite receiver box.


  • You can watch your favorite content wherever you are
  • stream the content in high-definition format
  • No buffering issues while providing high-speed wifi internet
  • The dark mode is available for keeping your eyes safe
  • Watch live and on-demand content
  • This app can be installed on Android TV and Google TV [Added recently in October 2022]

How to set up a mobile phone to control the DirecTV streaming device?

  • Connect your mobile phone to a strong WiFi network
  • Download and install the DirecTV app.
  • Log in to the app using your user ID and password.
  • Now stream your favorite content through the app
  • To control the streaming device, tap on the remote icon just beneath the settings icon
  • Then select the receiver box from the drop-down list
  • Then follow the prompts to finish the setup
  • start controlling the streaming device using your mobile phone

When you see that the streaming box name is non-active on the app, you may probably disconnect the box from your WiFi network. Reconnect and then try again.

Can I use DirecTV remote app without WiFi?

No. You need a strong WiFi network to connect your app to the streaming box and control it. One of the important things that should be considered is that both the mobile phone and the streaming box should be connected to the same network.

If you are using third-party apps rather than the official app, you can use IR remote apps. If your mobile phone has a built-in IR sensor, you can use it to control the receiver box.

DirecTV Satellite receivers, use the original remote control

You should use the original DirecTV Genie remote control along with the satellite receiver box. The remote section on the app cannot be paired with your Genie receiver. You can buy the original remotes from the ATT official showroom and the dealers.

Model remotes like RC66, RC65, RC72, etc are available.

For satellite boxes, we can’t connect it to the WiFi network. That’s why you cannot use the app along with it.

But I can see that some third-party remote apps are available on the play store. They are IR remote apps for DirecTV. If you have an IR built-in smartphone, you can download and install the app and can control the satellite receivers.

Is it safe to use third-party apps?

To be frank, I will not recommend you download and install any third-party apps related to DirecTV streaming or satellite broadcasting services. Use official and genuine apps. Moreover, third-party apps should have a very nuisance with ads and cannot be trusted.

So, if you have installed any sideloaded apps, uninstall them now and install the official apps from the app stores using the links given above.

Can I get DirecTV remote app for iPhone?

Yes. The app can be downloaded and installed from the iOS app store. Log in using the user ID and password. Configure your app to the remote control by connecting the streaming device and phone to the same network.


So many users are complaining about the lagging of video streaming and the performance issue. It’s mandatory to update your DirecTV app to the latest version from the app stores. The updated version will be high performance and bug-free.

If you have lost the original remote control of your streaming box, or have any issues with volume control until you buy the replacement remote, you can simply control your box using the application.

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