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We are home entertainment devices sellers, we are dealing with smart TV, Home theater, DVD player, Set-top-boxes, remote controls, etc. We operate our business in Miami, Bayside, united states of America. Via this blog, we are happy to help all those who seek an issue with the universal remote control that was bought as a replacement remote.

Since we are dealing with almost all the universal remote controls in the market now such as GE remote (ByJasco), Sofabaton, RCA, One for all, Inteset, Philips, ONN, etc, we all know the operation, setup, programming, codes, etc. It is very necessary to know how to program each and every remote according to the device category and brand that you own. Though there are different procedures for pairing different universal remotes, so we’ll cover all of them in our posts in the blog section.

Nowadays, almost all remotes are universal in nature. There is DirecTV remote control which is used with the ATT set-top-box, the same remote can be programmed to work with the TV too.

Since we have vast 5 years of experience, we worked with a hell lot of universal remotes like retired Logitech Harmony remotes. We are well-versed in all kinds of smart and non-smart remote control. Experience and expertise in the universal remote is the scene behind starting this website for all those people struggling.

This is not a Radio-like platform, but the users or visitors can interact with the authors Via the comment box, Contact page, etc. Both are open all the time, all that you need to do is shoot a message by explaining what you feel is difficult with your universal remote control. We’ll try our level best to get your queries solved.

We have helped thousands of people (They are our customers) by selecting the best universal replacement remote for their devices. So that we are going to share our reviews on so many remotes out there in the market. Since we have a smart TV wing, we also well with all of the original remotes.

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