How To Program GE Universal Remote With Or Without Code?

Have you bought a new popular GE universal remote for your device and looking to set up it? In this post, I am going to show you how to program GE universal remote control in two different methods. In one method, we’ll make use of the device code and pair it within two minutes. In another method, you can program without code what we call the auto code search method.

Keeping a universal remote at our home is a better idea. It is worth it when any of the device’s original remote control suddenly stops working. We can take it and perform a pairing process to keep controlling our device.

GE universal remote can work with a hell lot of different types of devices. At a time one remote can be capable of connecting up to a maximum of 8 devices (Based on models). And you can buy it at a cheap price. That’s why the ByJasco GE remote is very popular.


If you are using a direct code entry method, it’ll only take less than 2 minutes to complete the pairing if the instructions are followed I mentioned here. But if you prefer the auto-code search method, it may take a few minutes longer.

Possibly you’ll get the right code from the official website. I’ll share some of the codes here. The remote is compatible with TV, DVD, CAB, STB, etc.

GE universal remote

How to find the correct remote codes?

First of all, we have to find the right code. You should know the CL version of your remote control such as CL3, CL4, or CL5. To know this, open the battery compartment, and then look at the label attached there. You can see the version code list number.

Recently, ByJasco started launching the new universal remote with the CL6 model. The codes are now available.

CL3, CL4, and CL5 versions

Here in the image above, you can see that the given model uses code list 4.

Then get the right code for the device brand you are using.

Suppose, you want to set the remote for your Samsung TV, there will be a specific CL4 code for that branded TV.

Find the code from the official website. Go to the URL

For CL4 and CL3, replace the URL. If you purchased the remote latest, probably it could be the newer CL6 model (2022 and later).

Select the device type and the brand from the drop-down menu, and get the codes listed on the page. Though there is a list of codes, we really need just one from them.

How To program GE universal remote with code?

  • Press and hold the Setup button on the remote till the RED LED turns ON
  • Then press and release the device type button (TV, DVD, CBL, AUD, etc)
  • Using the number keys, enter the 4-digit code, and the LED will turn OFF
  • Then point the remote to your device, and then test all the buttons
  • If not working, repeat steps 1 – 3 using the other code from the list

If you can’t find an LED light, don’t worry, your remote has a backlit feature. the power button backlit will give you the signal.

How To Program GE Universal Remote without codes?

What to do when you cannot find the right code?

Don’t worry, GE universal remote supports the auto code search method. Here you don’t need to know the exact code, instead, the remote itself finds the exact code. But it’ll take a few minutes to send each code to your device and set the proper one.

  • Turn ON your device you are going to pair the remote
  • Press and hold the “Setup/Search” button until the LED light lit
  • Then press the device type button (TV/DVD/CBL/AUD), and the LED will blink and remain lit
  • Press and release the Power button every 5 seconds until the device turns OFF
  • Manually turn on your device again
  • Now press the Volume UP button every 3 seconds until the device turns OFF
  • Then press the device type button to save the code to the remote.

What to do when you have so old model GE remote control?

If you have a very old model remote, you may not get paired using the methods given above. Probably. in the old model, there should be an Enter button.

Turn on your device. Then press and hold the setup button until the LED light turns ON.

Now press the device category button, and using the number keys, enter the numbers 9, 9, and 1.

Then press and hold the Channel UP (+) and the power button until the device gets turned OFF.

Press the “Enter” button to save the settings.



What to do when the GE remote is not working some keys after pairing?

This is the case that your remote control is partially programmed. It’s mandatory that you should use the first set of codes while pairing the remote control. If your remote is partially paired, you should try using another code.

I can’t find the 3-digit codes, what to do?

All the CL versions of GE universal remote codes bear 4 digits. It’s enough for you to get your remote paired. But follow the steps carefully.

Before programming the remote, I suggest you reset the GE remote control.

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