How To Program Philips Universal Remote? [Updated 2023]

The remote from the Philips having universal nature has a unique way to sync with your multiple devices. When you get the TV remote control when buying your Philips TV, you don’t need to pair it because it comes pre-programmed. But when you choose a universal control, you should set it up with the device brand.

In this post, I will show you how to program a Philips universal remote manually in under 5 minutes. Here, in this case, we have to use the device code for a particular brand and model of the device.

Fortunately, there is a code booklet available along with the remote box. I hope you carefully kept the booklet on your shelf.

How to program Philips universal remote?

The first step is to find the right device code. This will break or save your effort of syncing the remote to your TV or other devices.

The codes will be 4 digits, and carefully note the code on a piece of paper.

If you are programming the remote to a Samsung TV, then there is a unique code for that Samsung TV. The same code cannot be used with other branded TVs.

When ready with the codes, then follow the steps

Step1:- Turn On the device manually

Turn on the device you want to sync the remote with. You should turn on it by pressing the power button on the device.

Step 2:- Setup and device mode

There will be a Setup button on the remote. Press and hold the button until the RED light comes ON above.

Then press the device category button you wish to program for.

4 device buttons are out there like TV, DVD, STRM, AUD, etc. Press any key with respect to the device you are using.

Step 3:- Enter the code

Now using the keypad, enter the selected code carefully, and then hit the Enter button.

Then press the Power button to see whether the device turning OFF.

Step 4:-Testing keys

Turn ON the device using the power button and then check the necessary buttons on the remote whether the device is responding to those keys.

Auto code search method

If you can’t find the device code, you can program your Philips remote without code what we called the auto code search method.

Actually, we are not using the code directly, but codes stored on the remote’s database frequently send the codes and test each of them to set.

Turn on your device manually.

Hold down the setup button until the RED light turns ON

Then press the device button like TV, DVD, etc based on the category of device you are using.

Then press and release the Power button every 5 seconds during this time, your Philips remote control sends the code to your device IR sensor which one is appropriate.

When the correct code has been passed, the device will turn OFF.

Then again turn on the device manually. And on each interval of 2 seconds, press and release the Volume UP button until the device turns OFF.

After turning it OFF, press the device button to save the code and settings. If you have tried this method on your TV, then press the TV button to save the code.

How will you check the compatibility?

If you have the code booklet that comes with the remote, you just want to check whether the device brand is listed on it along with the device codes. If yes, you can confirm that the remote is compatible with your device brands.

I can see that the Philips universal remote is compatible with almost all the well-known TV, DVD, Soundbar, and Home theater brands in the world. If you couldn’t find the device codes in the booklet, you can try the codes available from the official sources on the internet.

You should use the code through a series of steps for pairing.

Before that check the inserted batteries whether both of them have sufficient charge. If the batteries are too old, then replace them with fresh batteries.

If you are re-programming the remote, I would suggest you reset the remote control by removing the batteries for 2 minutes.

Types of Philips remote

Whatever the type of remote control you are using, these are the setup process. There are 3 devices, 4 devices, 6 devices, and 8 devices of remotes available. The same remote can be used to sync with several different devices using specific device codes.

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In the newest models, compatibility has been extended. Nowadays, the Philips universal remote can be programmed with streaming devices like Roku sticks. Roku box, Roku Express, etc.

In addition, it can work with different Roku built-in smart TVs like Insignia Roku TV, Hisense Roku TV, Vizio Roku TV, etc.


This is what the setup process is. Getting the right device code is the crucial step. If you paired your remote after taking the codes from the manual booklet, then keep it safe for further use. In addition, take an image on the booklet using your smartphone and save the image files on your PC, smartphone, or Google Drive in case you miss the code booklet. This is personally I do.



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