Magnavox Universal Remote Codes & Programming Instructions

Magnavox is a well-known and fastest-growing brand that has some powerful products. They have the best smart TV models, portable speakers, headsets, heaters, air conditioners, etc. In addition, they are a manufacturer of universal remotes for a long time.

If you have a Magnavox universal remote under the 8-in-1, or 4-in-1 category, this post will be helpful for you. I’ll explain how to program 4-digit Magnavox universal remote codes to pair with your various devices.

It has wide compatibility features. You can set it up with your TV, DVD players, Audio systems, etc.

I have a Magnavox MC345 remote control, and I’ll share with you how to program it with the various devices by applying the device codes and the device selection buttons. The same procedures are applicable when you have other versions like MC348, MC1000, MC1008, etc.

4-Digit Magnavox Universal Remote Codes List

It’s essential to find the right device codes when pairing the remote to the device. So, this is the primary step. When you get the wrong code, all the following processes will be invalid.

Find the proper codes from the below table. If you can’t find it for your device, I have provided the list of all codes in PDF format.

Magnavox is a registered trademark of Philips Electronics North America Corporation. So many remote models are launched in the name of Philips Magnavox, and you can use the given codes below if you find your device named like this.

Codes for TVs

TV Brands4-digit Magnavox Remote Codes
Dynex TV 0042,0094,0002
Element 0073,0088,0001
Emerson 0114,0127,0130,0038
HIsense 0133,0069,0097,0016
LG TV 0103,0122,0124,0038,0017
Magnavox TV0110,0115,0116,0123,0126
RCA TV0121,0122,0100,0126,0129
Samsung TV 0102,0132,0034,0038,0047
Sanyo 0123,0048
Sony TV0101,0043,0029,0030
Sylvania 0114,0123,0040,0059,0070,0088,0091
Toshiba 0108,0125,0132,0053,0090,0092
Vizio TV0104,0046
Westinghouse TV0112,0127,0046,0049

Codes for DVD Players

DVD Players BrandCodes
GE DVD0400,0528
LG DVD Player0430,0440,0457,0515,0504
Philips DVD0407,0522,0523,0524,0525,0427
Samsung DVD Player0406,0408,0424,0435,0461
Sony DVD Player0530,0427,0431,0465,0502

For Media streaming devices and receivers

Streaming device & ReceiversCodes
Apple TV0256
Roku TV 0266,0267,0268
Dish Network 0202,0209
Tivo 0205
Bright House 0216,0217

How to program Magnavox Universal Remote?

You have the code ready. Now it’s time to start the pairing process. Before that, you should be aware of the device selection buttons on the remote. You should use the appropriate buttons when setting up your device.

  • TV – TV Button
  • VCR – VCR Button
  • DVD Players – DVD/AUX
  • Satellite Boxes – DBS/CATV
  • Streaming players – DBS/CATV
  • Video accessories & Digital converters – DBS/CATV

Programming Instructions

  1. Turn on your desired device (For example TV)
  2. Note down the 4-digit device codes from the list
  3. Press and hold the “Code Search” button until the indicator light illuminated
  4. Then press and release the corresponding device selection button (In this example TV)
  5. Enter the 4-digit codes using the numeric keys on the remote
  6. The illuminated light will be turned OFF when you have entered the right code, if entered the wrong code, the light will blink 5 times and exit.

If your code doesn’t work, try steps 2 -5 using another code from the table.

Programming Magnavox remote without codes

When none of the available code doesn’t work, don’t panic. You can run an auto-code search method to program the remote without codes. The remote will identify the proper code for your device and will complete the setup process.

Follow the Instructions

  1. Switch on the desired device
  2. Press and hold down the code search button for a few seconds and the indicator light illuminated
  3. Then press and release the device selection button
  4. Aim your Magnavox universal remote sensor to your device’s sensor by keeping some distance
  5. Press the POWER button until the indicator light twinkles to turn off your device
  6. When the device is shut down, press the ENTER button within 4 seconds to save the settings and escape from the programming mode.
  7. Point your remote to your device to start controlling

When the device doesn’t turn OFF by pressing the power button, you can restart the setup process. replace the 5th step with the below steps

  • Press and release the power button every 4 seconds until the device turns OFF

How to set up the remote for more devices?

Repeat the pairing instructions with the other devices using the respective device codes. If you are using an 8-in-1 remote, you can set it up for up to 8 different devices.

Method of operation

You have successfully programmed your remote.

Let’s see how to use the remote without any issues.

The remote should be used with a direct line of sight to the IR sensor of the device because this is an Infrared universal remote. There should not be a distance of 15 feet from the device to the remote control.

switching between the paired device

If you have paired multiple devices to the universal remote, and want to control one device, in the Magnavox remote press the device selection button to switch to the device.

For example, if you want to control your TV, then press the TV device selection button on the top. Then aim the remote at your TV and press the keys to control it like power ON/OFF, volume control, Menu, etc.

What to do when my Magnavox universal remote not working?

Either there is a programming error or you should use the incorrect device codes. When the remote is not working or won’t respond to your device, my recommendation is to reset the remote control first.

To reset it, just remove the batteries for one minute. Then insert it back into it. Before that, make sure that the battery condition is good. If not, replace the batteries with fresh batteries.

Then re-program it using the correct code and by using the correct device selection button.

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