Best Replacement Universal Remote For Roku TV In 2024

Do you know if universal remotes that are compatible with your Roku TV or streaming device are available in the market? There is a misconception that the only original remote can be used to control the streaming device. At the same time, not all third-party remotes are compatible, but we have to select the best working one from the hundreds of brands in the market.

In this post, I am going to help you to find out the best universal remotes for Roku TV that can be used as a replacement for your original remote. As I am just well versed with the universal remotes of different brands, models, etc, it’s sure I can help you with this.

We have to take some considerations while selecting the universal remote for Roku like whether it is compatible with the Roku stick, Box, smart TV, simplicity in programming, voice assistance features, connectivity, etc.

Congratulations to you because you have landed at the right place.

Best universal remotes for Roku TV

Sofabaton (X1) _ For those who need advanced features

sofabaton x1 universal remote for Roku TV

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When we talk about the Sofabaton X1 universal remote, the first thing to say is that it is the perfect replacement for the discontinued Logitech Harmony remotes that were the leader in the market, but unfortunately, all of its models were retired from the market 3 years ago. Unfortunate news for Logitech fans including me. : (

Sofabaton, the remote brand that originated in China, now takes Logitech’s leadership and they launched their advanced smart universal remote model X1. With all the featured mimics from the Logitech.

If you are looking for the best universal remote for your Roku TV, my prior suggestion would be the Sofabaton X1. It works with a hell lot of other TVs, DVDs, projectors, Home theaters, sound bars, etc that are available in the market now.

Features are limitless. An ultimate remote solution for all your devices at home. In most cases, the replacement remotes for streaming players like Roku, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, etc won’t work with different categories of devices such as soundbars, Home theatre systems, or even smart TVs, but Sofabaton X1 can simultaneously control any types of devices.

Sofabaton X1 comes with a remote hub, which is optional, you can use it or not. But it extends the overall control of all the devices at your home located in different rooms.

Pros: (Features)

  • Sofabaton X1 works with Roku built-in smart TVs, Roku sticks, Roku boxes (ULTRA, EXPRESS, Premiere), etc.
  • One-touch activity-based controls
  • Voice functions enabled
  • future-proof code library updates (For controlling devices launched in the future)
  • Supports over 6000 brands worldwide
  • Supports over 5 Lakh home entertainment device models
  • OLED display at the top for easiness in controlling devices
  • Scrolling wheel to switch between the activities, connected devices, etc
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, and Infrared connectivities
  • Backlit feature for easy use in dark or dimmed room
  • Find my remote feature (Easily find the misplaced remote)
  • Battery backup for up to 45 days
  • Connect with up to more than 20 devices


  • A little bit expensive, but worthy
  • The number keys are missing
  • Only works with Roku WiFi models

UltraPro universal remote – Budget-friendly

UltraPro universal remote for Roku devices

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If you are looking for a low-budget universal Roku TV remote, here comes the UltraPro, a 4-device remote from the most famous brand ByJasco. You just need to spend below $15 to get it and use it with your streaming TV or device. It is an Infrared universal remote so it only works with IR connectivity Roku devices.

You have to program this remote with a unique 4-digit universal remote control.

Worried about programming it?

It’s not rocket science! Anyone can do it. You’ll get all of the 4-digit codes listed along with the product manual. Find the list of codes for your Roku TV model. Then follow some simple, 3 – 4 steps to get it paired with your TV.

Since UltraPro is a 4-device remote, after pairing with your Roku TV, you can get it paired with other 3 devices too. Thus avoid the separate remotes for the devices in your entertainment room.


  • The backlit feature is there for comfort usage in a dark room
  • Different color options for backlit, and there is a dedicated button for it’s selection
  • Simple and clean design
  • Lightweight
  • Big button for comfort use for elderly people
  • STRM device key for exclusive usage for streaming devices


  • Voice search is missing
  • No WiFi connectivity
  • No other negatives observed

General Electric (GE) – The most selling

GE replacement Roku remote

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GE Universal Remote is one of the popular and most popular selling remotes online and offline stores. It’s rated the most selling remote at Amazon and Walmart. Like UltraPro, GE is also the universal remote of the parent company ByJasco. You can buy it and program it for your IR model Roku streaming devices.

I already wrote an article for the 100% working GE universal remote codes for Roku TV and the exact programming guidance.

There are different models available, from 3-device remote to the models that can able to control up to 9 different devices.

As GE is the most popular and hot-selling third-party remote, many people buy it as a spare remote for TVs. Suppose, you searched for the top universal remotes for your smart or normal TVs before, you may landed on buying the GE remote. You may have one unit on your shelf.

Just look, and if you have you can simply sync it with Roku and start controlling it.


  • Pairing is super-easy
  • Multiple codes to try when programming the device
  • Lightweight, simple, and elegant design
  • The reset option is there to quickly resolve any errors
  • Automatic code search method available
  • Work with Roku OS-installed smart TVs like TCL, Hisense, Element TV, etc


  • Not work with WiFi Rokus

ONN universal remote – Reputed Brand

As you know ONN is a well-known brand known for the best TVs. And here is one interesting thing I can share about them. They have a universal remote model launched a few years back successfully selling in the market.

The good news is that the ONN universal remote has a unique code set to set up with the Roku streaming devices and TVs.

Pairing can be done by some simple steps and requires 4-digit codes. The codes for Roku TV that I found on the user manual and their online code finder tool are 3525, 2007, and 4483. Use any one of the three codes to pair it.


  • Attractive design
  • Backlit featured
  • Strong body


  • The size of the remote it larger may be discomfort for some people
  • No other negatives were observed

What should consider while selecting the universal remote for your Roku TV?

Consider the following factors


Is the universal remote compatible to work with the Roku device you own? Some models require IR remote control and they won’t support Infrared. So, choose the remote having WiFi as one of the connectivity options. The truth is that only advanced smart universal remotes like Sofabaton come with all the available connectivity features such as IR, WiFi, and Bluetooth.


You have to sync the remote to the TV in an easy way. Some of the smart controllers have a dedicated mobile application to simply connect with the streaming devices. All that you need to do is connect the remote to the mobile phone Via WiFi and use the mobile app interface to pair it. The mobile application will guide you through the programming processes.

Some other remotes need a direct code entry method. I have listed the remotes having both options. The final decision is yours!


If you are just looking for the universal remote for all other devices at your home including your Roku TV, you can spend a few more dollars to get the best and the most supported remotes. Or, if you have a plan just to control your Roku itself, you can buy either the original remote or a perfect replacement from the above-listed options.

Prices ranging low, to medium, and high.


From my past 5 years of experience, guiding my customers helping to find the perfect Roku TV universal remote, the same brands I listed here. I always ask my customers about their needs, budget, etc to help them accordingly.

If you need further assistance regarding this, just shoot a comment in the comment box below. Let’s connect!

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