UltraPro Universal Remote:- Codes & Programming Instructions

UltraPro universal remote is the new and advanced remote control from GE (General Electric)/ByJasco. We already know the most popular GE universal remote and its programming using various codes.

Depending on the number of devices it can operate, there are 4-device, 6-device, and 8-device GE Ultrapro IR controllers available. This is the better option if you want to replace up to 8 devices’ original remotes. Don’t go for expensive brands but this will suit you.

In addition to IR, smart and Bluetooth-supported 6-in-1 model remotes are also available. Use a smartphone app to pair your devices easily.

In this post, we’ll discuss on UltraPro remote features, the programming methods, and the codes.

GE UltraPro universal remote

The UltraPro remotes are compatible with almost all the regularly used devices at your home. Rather than being compatible with smart TVs, non-smart TVs, DVDs, Soundbars, and Home theaters, we can use it with a wide range of streaming devices. When you are using the TV and DVD old combo devices, this works like a charm.


Since Ultrapro can be compatible with up to 8 devices, it can be considered as the replacement for the advanced smart remotes like Logitech that were on the market a few years back.

But the features are not loaded as like the smart remotes. This only allows you to control multiple devices under different brands and categories.

But this gives you more than what you spend. If you have 2 UltraPro of an 8-device model, which only costs you around 40$, but if you buy advanced smart remotes, you should spend up to 200$.

How to get GE UltraPro universal remote codes?

The GE Ulrapro also follows the direct code entry or auto code search model to program for a device. We should know the 4-digit codes for the devices in order to set it up without any errors.

By following the code search method, it’ll take some more time to complete the pairing process because of testing each and every code.

So, how to find the Ultrapro universal remote codes?

The code booklet and the user’s manual will be available with your original UltraPro remote. The code booklet contains the list of all the supported devices, brands, and respective codes.

You should know the device brand you are using. Then check the code book and search for the brand name under the device types.

For example, the booklet may contain the codes for different categories of devices such as TV, DVDs, Home theaters, etc.

If you want to find the codes for your LG TV, then check the codes under the TV category and find the brand name LG. There are some more codes that match your TV. Just use one code among them. If the selected code doesn’t program, then choose another code.

Instructions to Program UltraPro universal remote control

Using the Directv code entry method

Press and hold down the SETUP button until the RED light indicator turns ON and remains lit.

Then press and release the device key such as TV, DVD, AUX, etc based on the device you want to program for. The RED LED on the power button blinks once and remains turned ON.

Note the first code from the code booklet that comes with the UltraPro remote control. After entering the code, the indicator will shut down automatically.

Point your remote to the device, and then press keys whether all are responding to your device or not.

If not try re-programming with another code.

Programming using the automatic code search method

When you don’t have the codes ready, try this method

  • Turn on your entertainment device manually
  • Press and hold down the SETUP button until the Power button backlit turns ON
  • Press and release the device button on the top
  • Hit and release the power button pointing to the device
  • The RED light will blink few seconds by sending a series of codes to the device
  • When the power button turns OFF and the device is not turned off, again press and release the power button
  • Repeat this process until the device gets turned OFF

If the device turns off at a particular moment, indicating that the code has been received successfully.

New model UltraPro 6-in-1 Bluetooth remote

If have streaming devices like Roku Box with Bluetooth, Apple TV, etc, here is the newest model from Jasco called UltraPro 6-in-1 Bluetooth-enabled remote control.

6-in-1 ultrapro bluetooth remote

We need only GE IR remote and codes for the Roku stick and Roku smart TVs. But when there are streaming devices operated under Bluetooth remote, you should also use the smart remote controls.

In order to pair the Bluetooth connectivity UltraPro remotes, you don’t rely on the traditional code entry or code search method. Instead, simply use the myTouchSmart application.

myTouchSmart is a mobile application to simply connect your Bluetooth remotes to different devices.


When you have a limited budget and want to control many devices, buy the GE pro-level remote control. Be careful in selecting the IR or Bluetooth based on what connectivity your devices using.

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