3 Different Ways To Program RCA Universal Remote In 2023

In this post, I will show you how to program RCA universal remote control to your device. There is a specific code for each and every device like TV, DVD, digital set-top box, digital converter, etc based on the revision number of the remote and brand of the device. The code finder helps us to get the proper code. Then following a series of steps will get paired.

So, we have to know the exact revision number of the remote as well as the brand name of the device to look up the code for pairing.

How to get the RCA remote revision number?

Remove the battery cover first.

Then remove the batteries from there, and look at the labels which contain all the information about the remote such as the model number, revision number, manufacturing details, etc.

The revision number is the 5 or 6-digit code. Note the number from there. Sometimes, there is an alphabet as the prefix of the number usually the letter will be R or D.

As of now, there are more than 30 revision codes are available for various models.

Get RCA remote revision number

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Look up codes – How to get the RCA Universal Remote Codes?

Get the right codes for the device you want to program the remote for. This is a crucial step and is very important. When you are failed in getting the proper code, your effort will fail.

Fortunately, there is the simplest method to get the code from the official source called the remote code finder page.

Open this URL https://www.rcaaccessories.com/

look up device codes

and then simply select the revision number of the remote, brand name, and device category from the three drop-down menus. The possible codes will be listed. Not down them on paper.

An alternate method to get the code is, there is a code booklet that comes with the remote control pack. The booklet contains all the device codes for the different devices.

Now we are ready with the device codes.

How to program RCA universal remote?

Manual direct code entry method

  • Turn on the device you want to pair the remote for.
  • Point the RCA universal remote to the device, and keep it pointed until the programming complete
  • Press and hold down the device button (Like TV, DVD, STRM, AUX, SAT), and the power button will turn ON
  • Then enter the device code using the keypad by keep holding the device button, the power button will turn OFF (Don’t release the device button)
  • After a few seconds, the power button will turn ON again indicating that the remote has been programmed successfully

If the power button blinks 4 times and then turns OFF, it indicates that you have entered the wrong code. Check the code and then proceed with the steps given above.

When you are notified the remote is paired successfully, test all the buttons with the device.

How do you program the RCA remote without code? (When there is a code search button)

In some RCA remotes, there is a setup button rather than a code search button. Use the same method to program such remotes.

  • Turn on the device you want to control and point the remote toward it
  • Press and hold down the Code search/Set up button until the power RED light turns ON
  • The press and release the device button, the light blinks and then remains ON
  • Press and release the Power button until the device turns OFF
  • When the device is turned OFF, then press the Enter button to save the code and settings
  • Check all the buttons on the device whether all are working fine

Do this codeless pairing to any of your TVs like Vizio TV, Samsung TV, etc.

Pairing the RCA universal remote using the PLAY, REWING, and STOP Buttons

When the remote doesn’t have a code search button, you can still program it without the code.

  • Turn on your device
  • Point the remote to the device, and press and hold the device button
  • While holding the device button, the power button turns on
  • Press and hold the power button by holding the device button, and the power button will turn OFF
  • Keep holding both the buttons and the Power button turns ON back, then release both buttons
  • Press the PLAY button every 5 seconds until the device turns OFF
  • Then press the Reverse (REWIND) key every 2 seconds until the device turns ON back
  • Now press the STOP¬† button to save the code
  • Check all the buttons with the device for further use.

Types of RCA remotes

There are different types available. 3-device, 4-device, 6-device, and 8-device supported. This means that one RCA universal remote can be able to program up to such a number of devices. Suppose, if you want to program to your Samsung TV, Vizio TV, and a Sony DVD player, and you have a 3-device remote, you can program it to all these three devices using the specific codes.

No, they have the exclusive remote for streaming devices like Roku stick, Firestick, etc.

Device buttons explained

Mainly 4 types of device buttons are available.

TV – programming for your Television even for smart TV too

DVD – Pairing for DVD players

STB/CBL – For satellite set-top boxes, converter boxes, etc.

AUX – For audio devices Home theaters


The model number of the remote doesn’t matter but you should care about the revision number before finding the device code. When there is a mismatch in the device code, the remote won’t pair properly.

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