RCA Universal Remote Codes For Vizio TV & Programming

Navigating the world of remote controls can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to ensuring compatibility between different brands. But when it comes to the RCA remote control, we don’t need to look back since it has wide compatibility with different devices under various categories. Get the curated list of RCA universal remote codes for Vizio TV, which helps synchronization much easier.

Once you discover the authentic 4-digit codes, programming becomes a straightforward process that won’t cause any headaches.

Since RCA Audio and Video began launching third-party remote controls, various models have been introduced in the market up to now. To simplify finding the codes specifically for your remote control model and the device brand, there is a tool available online called RCA code finder.

The remote models are classified as revision numbers.

  • 2-series revision numbers – The model numbers started with 2 (20022 – 26211)
  • 3-series revision numbers – The model numbers started with 3 (Only 3 models are there 31503, 31794, & 31862)
  • R-series revision numbers – The remote control models started with the letter “R

RCA Universal Remote Codes For Vizio TV

For 2-series revision numbers (5-digit codes)

  • 11758
  • 10864
  • 10885
  • 11756

For 3-series revision number remotes (4-digit codes)

  • 1758
  • 0864
  • 0885
  • 1499
  • 1756

New R-series RCA remote codes for Vizio smart TVs are

  • 35011
  • 40412
  • 80016
  • 20111

So, how’ll you find out the revision number or model number of the RCA universal remote you have?

Just look at the product box or user manual, or just look at the product details sticker on your remote control itself. Then accordingly note the codes.

How to program the RCA universal remote to Vizio TV?

As we have our code ready, we can use the direct code entry method. Just follow my instructions.

  • Note down the code from the given list or from the code booklet
  • Press and hold the TV button, and the power button starts to illuminate
  • Continue to hold the TV button and enter the first code (4/5 Digits) for the Vizio TV brand
  • Keep pressing the TV button, and if the POWER button is lit, you have entered the tight code
  • If the Power key blinks 4 times, the entered code is incorrect
  • If you get the incorrect input signal (Blinking 4 times), re-enter the code/another code
  • Release the TV button and start using the remote for TV controls

You can operate any Vizio TV functions or controls as you do with your original Vizio XRT remote.

Programming RCA universal remote control to Vizio TV without codes

  • First of all, turn ON your Vizio TV
  • Point remote to TV
  • Press and hold the Code Search or Setup key until the Power button light turns ON
  • Then press and release the “TV” button. The Power light blinks and stays lit
  • Now press and release the Power button until your TV turns OFF (Give 2 seconds between each press)
  • Once your TV turns OFF, press the Enter/OK button to save the code

This method is called the auto code search method. This is the method when none of the given codes doesn’t pair your remote to the TV.

Remember:- Some RCA remote models have a Setup key and some models have a Code Search Key. Use accordingly.


Before pairing the remote to the TV, ensure the batteries inserted are in good. Using depleted batteries is bad especially while pairing.

Remove any obstructions between the remote and the TV.

The distance between them should not be exceed 10 meters.

If you previously synced the remote to any other devices such as other TVs, DVD players, Home theater, etc., I recommend you reset the remote or power recycle by removing the batteries for one or two minutes and start syncing with your Vizio smart TV with the code.

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