DirecTV Remote Codes for Vizio TV & Programming Guide

Are you using Vizio TV and the DirecTV receiver together? Then don’t worry when your Vizio TV remote gets damaged. If you cannot fix your Vizio TV remote even after resetting it, then you can simply pair the receiver remote to your TV.

In this post, I am going to share the exact strategy to program a DirecTV remote to Vizio TV with 4-digit code. Fortunately, the DirecTV Genie remote has a universal nature and it can be programmed to control your smart TV’s volume, power button, mute, menu button, etc.

Like other universal remotes, the DirecTV remote also has a code library for devices and the codes that should be used are purely based on the brand of the device and the model number of the remote control.

Find out the model number of your remote

You should know the exact model number of your DirecTV remote control. This can be found in the top right corner. The number will usually start with RC. When you are not using the Genie version remotes, the model number can be seen on the battery compartment.

The most commonly available models are as follows

  • RC-23
  • RC-24
  • RC-32/32RF
  • RC-64
  • RC-65
  • RC-66
  • RC -71
  • RC-72
  • RC-73

DirecTV remote codes for Vizio TV

You should know the device codes that match the Vizio TV and the remote control. You can use 11758 or 11756 as the device code when you program the remote. This is very important. If you are not using the right code, the remote won’t pair.

The given codes are common and can be used on any model Vizio smart TV. If you want to find the exact code allocated for a particular Vizio TV model number, you can get it from this official web page.

How to program DirecTV remote to Vizio TV?

  • Turn on your TV
  • Change the remote mode to TV by sliding the button on the top
  • Press and hold the “MUTE” and “SELECT” buttons simultaneously until the GREEN light on the remote flashes twice
  • Enter the DirecTV remote code for Vizio TV which is 11758 through the keypad
  • The green light will flash twice again
  • Point the remote to your TV, and then press the POWER button
  • The TV will turn OFF, and turn on again by pressing the power button
  • Test all the buttons like Volume, Mute, channel, etc
  • If all are working properly, the remote is programmed if not, re-program using the code 11756

Onscreen prompt to program the Genie DirecTV remote to Vizio TV

If you already using the Genie remote to your receiver, you can simply pair the same remote to your TV using the onscreen prompts. For this, the remote should be already paired to the DVR box.

Then follow the steps

  • Turn on the DVR box and the connected TV
  • Then using the ARROW keys on the remote, navigate to the SETTINGS part
  • After selecting the settings, press the right arrow key
  • Then navigate to the “Remote Control” Tab and then press “SELECT”
  • Then select the “Pair/Program Remote” option
  • Select the Change TV tab, and then an input box will appear
  • Using the letters box popup on the screen enter the TV brand as VIZIO
  • Then select the model number from the other box
  • The code will be automatically set and the remote will be paired with the TV
  • That’s it.

Now the remote is set up with both the DVR box as well as the TV.

In order to use the remote to use with the TV, you should slide the button on the top to the TV mode. When you do so, the remote will come under controlling the TV. Then you can change channels, control volume, etc.

If you slide to the left, the remote will come under the DVR box. It’s very easy to control both devices using the same remote.

How to program for other smart TVs like Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, etc

The same methods are applicable to programming the DirecTV remote to other smart TVs like Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Element TV, etc but the only difference is the device codes. You can even sync the DirecTV remote to your TV without a code. You should use the On-screen prompts using the settings. Before that, the receiver should be connected to the TV.

You may have another TV at your home rather than a Vizio TV. So, I am including some of the device codes for the most popular TV brands.

  • Codes for Samsung TV – 12051, 10812,
  • Codes for LG TV – 11860
  • Codes for Sony TV – 10810
  • For Element TV – 11886
  • For Toshiba TV – 11524
  • Hisense TV – 13382
  • Philips TV – 11867
  • Insignia TV – 12049
  • TCL – 12434

If you want more device codes, please comment on the box below, and I’ll share the exact codes with you.


This is all about setting up the smart TV to the DirecTV remote control. If you are having any trouble in pairing, let me know Via the comment box. Now keep away the original TV remote on the shelf and use one remote to control the TV and the DVR receiver.

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