Can You Program DirecTV Remote To TV Without Code?

Without a receiver connected, it’s almost impossible to pair the DirecTV remote to your TV. But what about when you don’t know the proper TV codes?

We know that the DirecTV genie remotes have a universal feature using which we can control different TV brands’ volume and power. We’ll use the Genie remote to change the channels with the receiver.

Yes, we can program the DirecTV remote to a TV without code but we should first connect or pair the remote to the DVR receiver box. Then we should do all the connections between our TV and the receiver box. There are on-screen prompts that help us to program to TV volume and power.

So, when you exactly don’t know the TV model number and the universal codes, then don’t worry. You can set up even when you don’t know the correct code.

First, Connect the Genie remote to the receiver Box.

For this, turn on your TV and the box. Point the remote and press and hold the SELECT and MUTE buttons simultaneously. The Green light blinks twice.

Then press the numbers 9, 6, and 1, and after that push the channel button up. Then press the Enter button.

On the TV screen, the message shows “Applying RF/IR setup. please wait ”

After the setup is completed, the successful message will display.

How to program DirecTV remote to a TV without codes?

You should follow the on-screen prompts. After turning on both the TV and the connection box.

  • Press the Menu button on the remote
  • On your TV, you’ll see the Menu items
  • Navigate to the Settings tab by pressing the arrow down button
  • Under the settings tab, scroll the arrow right button to navigate to the Remote Control option
  • Push the SELECT button twice to pair the TV
  • Then select the Change TV option
  • A-Z box appears on the left side to type the TV brand using the navigation keys
  • Type the TV brand
  • Then select the TV model number if you know the exact model
  • If don’t know, then select the “I don’t know my model” option
  • The remote will send codes to the TV and will program the remote

After successfully paired, test the volume button whether it is working fine with your TV.

If you are using well-known brands like LG TV, Samsung TV, Sony TV, Vizio TV Toshiba, TCL, etc. This is the quickest method to set up without the code entry model.

If you are using a Vizio smart TV and the Box, then read:- Vizio TV DirecTV remote codes and programming instructions

Programming STREAM remote to the TV without codes

The DirecTV satellite Genie remote is different from the streaming box device remote. If you are using the AT&T streaming service, obviously you should have a media streaming receiver and the associated remote control.

Let’s see how to pair.

  1. Turn ON the DirecTV streaming box
  2. Press and hold down the FAST FORWARD and REWIND buttons for 2 -3 seconds
  3. The On-screen prompt will be available on your TV
  4. Go to settings and then select “System
  5. Then select “Remote & Devices“, and then select “Program Your Remote” option
  6. Select the TV brand or the Soundbar you wish to program for.
  7. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the settings


What to do when there is no TV brand on the list?

Only supported TV brands are listed on the box. If you are using so old and not well-known TV, that may not be supported. But still, you can code search on the DirecTV official website and program to your TV if the code library shows the code for your TV brand.

Can I Program DirecTV Genie remote without the receiver box?

No. It’s not possible. You should first connect to the box by pairing code 961. Then only the universal menu will appear on the TV screen to get the screen prompts to set up the remote volume and power button for your TV.


Still recommend you use the direct code entry method. But when the code funded by you doesn’t work, then follow the above-outlined steps. Before the setup procedures, your remote should be well working, and check the battery’s health is good.

When you found any error, you can reset both box and controller and start pairing again.

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