How To Program Samsung Remote BN59 With Codes?

The Samsung remote BN59-05599_a is a sleek and ergonomic device enhanced to control Samsung TVs. It featured a wide range of exclusive buttons and a dedicated Smart Hub button to offer effortless navigation through the TV menu.

So, do you really need to program Samsung remote BN59 to work with your TV?

The simple answer is NO! This is a ready-made remote control. Samsung TV remote BN59 comes pre-programmed to work with different models of Samsung TVs. The only thing you need to do is just install two AAA batteries into the battery compartment and start using it.

Since this is ready to use remote, many users are lucky, and they don’t need to spend time for searching the replacement remote for their TV.

But, I have to share an interesting fact about this device.

Are you excited?

The Samsung TV remote possesses a universal nature. And it can be programmed to work with other categories of devices. But you have to program with dedicated codes.

Important:- Other series like BN59-09955F may not be compatible with third-party devices. They are exclusively manufactured to work with original Samsung TVs. Hope you’ll consider this regarding.

what are the Samsung remote BN59 codes?

Generally, 3-digit codes are available for almost all devices. The list is given below.

Mainly 5 types of devices are compatible. They are

  1. TV (Pre-programmed)
  2. DVD players – This includes DVDs-STB Combo
  3. Set-top boxes
  4. Cable boxes
  5. VCRs (I think you don’t have it because it is outdated)

There are 4 device keys available at the top of the remote. They are STB, CBL, VCR, and DVD. And those keys are beneficial when pairing and also to switch between the devices.

The codes given are specifically for Samsung BN59-00599 remote. But the same can be used with other BN59 series too.

Codes for DVD player

DVD BrandSamsung remote BN59 codes
Samsung DVD001, 002, 003
Samsung DVDR003, 004
Samsung STB DVD Combo019
GE069, 074
Hitachi064, 113
JVC022, 033, 116, 115
Kenwood051, 108, 109
LG GOLD STAR025, 031
Magnavox076, 093
Panasonic024, 034, 124, 134, 136, 137, 138
Philips036, 076
RCA023, 035, 075, 074
Sony026, 029, 126, 127
Sylvania043, 093,
Sanyo062, 090
Toshiba028, 062, 076
Yamaha032, 063
Zenith076, 121

Samsung remote BN59 codes for Cable boxes

Cable Box BrandSamsung Remote BN59 codes
Samsung000, 001, 002, 003, 004
Hitachi025, 030
Magnavox019, 023, 028
Panasonic003, 022, 027, 032, 044
Philips019, 021, 023, 028
Pioneer004, 018, 020, 044
RCA014, 022, 040
Universal033, 034
Viewstar019, 021, 023, 028
Zenith017, 029, 035, 037, 045

Cods for Set-top boxes

SET TOP BOXSamsung remote BN59 codes
Samsung Wave STB001, 002
Samsung satellite STB003
Samsung cable STB004
Directv015, 016, 017, 019, 022, 045, 060, 061
DISH Network069, 070
EchoStar025, 069, 070
Home Cable056
Hughes Network015, 017
JVC069, 070
LG Gold Star044, 073
Magnavox016, 021, 036, 038, 039, 040
Philips015, 016, 017, 021, 033, 036, 038, 039
Primestar046, 049, 050, 053
Panasonic058 059, 061, 062
Proscan065, 066
RCA051, 052, 053, 065, 066
Star Choice064
Sony054, 060
Toshiba015, 017, 028, 029, 030, 072
Ultimate TV060, 066
Zenith024, 031, 068

If you can’t find the codes for your device from the given table, don’t worry. I have given the Samsung TV remote BN59 codes and user manual as a PDF file at the end of this article.

How to program Samsung remote BN59-05599 to DVD/Cable box/ set-top box?

  • Turn off your device
  • Press the device key (STB/DVD/CBL) on the remote that corresponds to the device you want to program.
  • Then press the SET button
  • Using the number keys, enter the 3-digit Samsung TV remote BN59 code with respect to the brand
  • Press the POWER button pointing the remote to your device
  • The device will turn ON when the code set up is correct

Remind:- You should connect your device to the power outlet, but the device should be turned OFF before starting the setup process.

whether the code begins with the number 0, it should still be entered as part of the code input.

If non-of the codes are working, you can try the codes 000 to 141. This is very hard, but I guess at least any one of the given codes will work.

Unfortunately, this remote control doesn’t support the auto-code search method for pairing.


  1. Manufactured by Samsung itself
  2. Featured big buttons and that’s why easy to use for visually impaired people
  3. Compatible with almost all the standard smart and non-smart TVs
  4. Ergonomic design
  5. Budget-friendly. You can get it for less than 10$
  6. Control your TV from a distance of up to 23 meters.

Get the Samsung TV remote BN59-05599_a manual

Get the complete user manual and codes in a PDF file. In addition, it’ll teach how to set up the remote for each type of device, in a step-by-step method.

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