Why Samsung Remote Only Turns TV ON And OFF? [Fix Now]

When you come to your entertainment room and turn ON your Samsung TV using the remote control, the remote turns your TV ON and OFF  repeatedly. The issue was reported by some users recently. Really, it’s very frustrating and harmful to our TV. You have to fix this as soon as possible.

Don’t panic. In this post, I’ll share useful tips to stop your Samsung TV remote turns the TV on and OFF in a regular intervals of time.

Why this is happening?

There is no reason coined on Samsung forums and support pages for this issue. Obviously, there will be some simple glitches on the remote control. We can solve this issue by simply removing the batteries for a few minutes. If this doesn’t work, we have to reset the remote to factory settings.

We could not say that the issue is with the remote control, but it may be on your TV. Anyway, we’ll troubleshoot the remote control before moving to check whether there is any issue with the TV.

How to fix the Samsung TV remote that turns the TV on and OFF issue?

First of all, check whether the power button is pushed OFF and stuck in the position. This can be checked by pointing the remote to the mobile phone camera. When prolonged usage, this is the common issue found in almost all remote control.

Either the power button is loose contact or it is pushed and stuck in a particular position. So, just check it.

You could also test by changing the batteries inserted in it.

You can also apply the following tips when

  • The power button only works
  • The Samsung remote is unresponsive to the TV
  • Volume button issue
  • Blinking issues on the remote
  • When the remote is not working completely, etc.

Power cycle both remote and TV

This is the simplest method we give both the remote and TV a fresh start. We completely remove the power from them. For this, you should remove the batteries. In the case of Samsung TV, unplug all the cables like unplugging the power cord, TV to receiver cords, etc.

Then wait for 2 minutes before re-plugging all of them and putting the batteries in the compartment.

After that, turn on your TV and then use the remote with it. Hopefully, the issue will be solved.

Re-sync the remote control

Reconnecting or syncing the remote again to the TV should fix the issue. When there is a partially paired remote to the TV, the TV will keep disconnecting. So, you should perform the following steps.

Turn on the TV manually, and when the TV comes ON, press and hold the return and the Play/pause button simultaneously every 3 seconds. Do this until there is a pop-up message showing that the TV is connected to the remote control.

Reset your TV

If non of the given methods doesn’t work, then you need to perform more tips like resetting your TV. When there are some small glitches on the IR sensor on your Samsung TV, the communication between the remote and the TV wouldn’t be better.

So, reset your TV to fix the issue with the TV. Sometimes, the issue may be due to the firmware of your TV. But before going to a firmware update, I suggest you just reset the TV.

Since your Samsung remote turns the TV ON and off but nothing else, you should keep away the remote from the TV.

Then manually turn on the TV, or use a Samsung TV remote control application to proceed with the reset methods.

  • Press the Menu button on the TV or app
  • Then go to settings and select General settings
  • Select the “Reset” option which will ask the code to reset
  • Enter the default Samsung TV reset code “0000”, and then proceed
  • Wait a few minutes because the TV will undergo a reset
  • Then try using your original TV remote with the TV

After this, don’t forget to pair the TV with your controller as I mentioned in the exact steps above.

Push off the power button to reboot

This is another kind of resetting option. When the TV comes turn ON, immediately press and hold the power button on the TV panel for 15 seconds. Don’t take your finger below 15 seconds. The TV will turn OFF by doing this and will reboot.

Hopefully, the issue will be solved.

Move any device that outputs an Infrared (IR) signal

If your room has any device or lighting mechanism that emits an IR signal as an output, just move it to the next room and then try using your remote control on your Samsung TV. Maybe that’ll be the cause your remote turns the TV ON and Off repeatedly.

The IR output devices can be any of the door-locking systems, fluorescent lights, IR scanners, etc.

If this solves the issue, keep those devices in another room or just place them in the same room so that would not affect the communication between the remote and the TV.

Check if any universal remote was previously paired to the TV

When you previously programmed any universal remote to your TV and it exists in front of the TV, you should immediately keep away from the TV. Or just unpair from the TV.

For a quick solution, remove the batteries from the previously paired third-party remote, and use the original TV remote for your TV. This is a possible chance so we should look at this to solve the problem.

Why only the power button is working on my Samsung TV remote?

This error occurs when the remote got unpaired to your TV. You can easily overcome this issue by resyncing it.

Press and hold down the return and the play/pause button for a few seconds until the message shows in the display saying that the remote got paired.

Get a new universal remote

If the issue persists again, then it’s better to buy a new original or universal remote for your Samsung TV.

There are so many remotes available that is compatible with Samsung TV like GE, RCA, Sofabaton, Philips, One for all, etc. All of them need to be programmed to your TV using a specific device code and will be 4-digit codes.

If you want to use the original remote, then buy from only trusted Samsung showroom only. Before purchasing, it’s better to carry the TV user manual so that they can know the exact TV model number.


To keep away your Samsung smart TV’s remote from errors you should always care about it. Replace the batteries whenever the charge flattens, avoid falling down, keep away from the water, and dogs, keep the remote with a protector cover, etc.

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