7 Ways To Fix DirecTV Remote Volume Not Working Issue

Have you experienced an issue with the volume control on the DirecTV remote control? This is the right post for you. Your remote may work well with the DVR box and the TV on controls like changing channels, Muting, changing inputs, etc. But the volume control is not working.

In our post, I am going to show you how to fix the DirecTV remote volume not working error in simple steps.

There are a couple of reasons for this issue. We have to look at those errors and fix them soon.

Why is my DirecTV remote volume not working?

  • Check whether there is any barrier between the remote and the DVR box/TV
  • You are using the flat batteries
  • The remote won’t be properly programmed
  • Partially programmed remote
  • Issue with the speaker on your TV
  • Check the audio cable connection
  • Complaint of the volume button, etc
  • You selected the wrong remote model number when pairing

How to fix the Volume control on DirecTV?

I know you already tested the methods like removing the barriers between the remote and the devices, replacing the batteries, etc. So that I am not going through those steps here.

So, one of the most common issues is that the DirecTV remote won’t properly pair with the DVR box as well as your TV. Or it may be partially paired.

The main reason for the errors in pairing is that you haven’t used the correct device code.

Here is my biggest recommendation to solve this issue.

Before that make sure that the Genie control is on TV mode by sliding the top button to the side labeled TV.

Reset the remote control

Our primary goal is to reprogram the remote control to our DVR receiver and the TV. So, we don’t want to show the volume control issues again. In order to minimize any types of errors, we will perform resetting the DirecTV remote control before reprogramming the again using the intact device code.

How to reset it?

Press and hold the Select and mute buttons till the indicator blinks twice. Then enter the reset code 981 so the indicator light blinks 4 times. That’s all.

Reprogram the remote to the box and the TV using the exact code

You have to pair the remote to both your receiver and the TV.

Before that, you should do all the necessary connections like the connection between the TV and the receiver.

You can control the content streaming from the satellite DirecTV in two methods. Either on TV or on the DVR receiver. If you are planning to pair the TV to the DirecTV remote control in order to avoid using the original TV remote, you should do pairing it properly using the correct device code.

The device codes may vary based on the brand of your TV and the model of the remote you are using. Each brand has different codes.

To get the code, Visit this official link https://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/content/remote_codes2

Click on the remote model number, and then select the TV. From the box, you should select the TV brand and then get the correct device code which is a 5-digit code. By getting the correct code, we can avoid partial pairing issues.

Then follow the steps to program the remote

  • Press and hold down the Mute and select button until the indicator light blinks twice.
  • Then enter the exact device codes using the keypad
  • The green indicator light will flash twice
  • Then point the remote to the TV and check the volume button is working properly

Recheck the cable & connections

It’s necessary to establish the proper cable connection between the DVR and the TV to fix the volume issues with the DirecTV remote control.

When there is no audio output provided to the TV, the remote won’t control the TV volume.

The COAX cable, HDMI cable, and a power cord should be properly connected.

Check there are no issues with the HDMI cable. If you have another HDMI cable at your home which ic new, you can replace the HDMI cable to establish the connection between the box and the TV. Because the HDMI cable is the connection to resonate the picture and the sound.

Check the volume button

If the volume is only not working but all the other control buttons like power, channel change buttons, mute, etc are working fine, the probable reason may be the issue with the volume control button.

To check the button is working fine, press on it and look at the indicator light. When you press the button and the indicator light blinks, you can confirm that there is no issue with the key.

Also, check whether all other buttons are working or not in this method.

If the button is not working, you can decide to buy a new replacement remote or repair the volume button.

Apply conductive electric paint

Since all the other buttons are working fine, you can confirm that there is no issue with the circuit board. The conductive electric paint on the button mat may be erased. To fix this, you have to open the body panel, and then remove the button mat/membrane. Then locate the volume button.

Gently apply the conductive electric paint on the bottom side of the button. Allow a few minutes to get it dry. Then reassemble the button mat to the remote body, and then try the volume key whether it is working or not.

Check whether the TV Volume button is stuck or not

You should check the volume button on your TV whether is stuck on the panel. If it is stuck, the volume on the remote won’t work. Press and release the button continuously and get it into the actual state.

Then try the volume key on the remote to check whether it is working or not.

Buy a remote control

If you are confirmed that there is no issue with the TV, DirecTV DVR box, etc, and applied all the given troubleshooting methods, it’s better to replace the DirecTV remote control. You can buy it from the official website or from a trusted dealer.

In order to confirm the issue with the remote control, you can bring your neighbor’s remote control who was using the DirecTV satellite box, and check.


It’s very frustrating when we can’t control the TV volume. In the DirecTV remote that you have programmed to your TV, you should first change the mode of the remote control to the TV by sliding the button that see on the top if you are using the Genie remote.

Sliding and switching to TV mode only will work on your TV.

Hope this guides you to solve your problem.

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