How To Turn On Vizio TV Without Remote?

One of the worst things about using the smart TV is the damaging the remote control. But in this world, I believe, there is a quick solution for almost all problems because technology has such a massive possibility after the evolution of AI and mobile apps.

If you lost your original Vizio TV remote control, how’ll you control your TV like changing channels, controlling the volume, and turning ON Vizio TV without a remote control? I have a couple of ideas to do all of these.

If you landed on this page by searching for your answer, grab it. Or if you accidentally got here and using the Vizio smart TV, bookmark this post for future reference.

You can turn on Vizio TV without the remote either using the power button on the TV or using the SmartCast Vizio app installed on your smart devices. There is a Power button on the backside of the TV panel. If you are installed the SmartCast app, there is a remote app interface to control the TV.

Different ways to turn ON Vizio TV without Remote Control

There are two different ways you can turn ON or Turn OFF your TV. In addition, you can turn down and turn up the volume, change channels, make necessary changes to the settings, etc.

  • Using the power button on your TV
  • Smartcast mobile application (Known as VIZIO MOBILE)

Use the power button on the TV

There will be a power button on your TV. So, where is the power button on Vizio TV?

The Vizio TV power button is located behind the left bottom side of your TV. In almost all the new models, the location is the same. But in some old models, the power button can be seen on the side front panel.

After connecting the TV power cord to the power outlet and turning the switch ON. Press the power button once to turn the TV ON. That’s it.

In addition to the power button, there are a couple of control buttons also present.

The Volume up and down button and the input button. By pressing the volume up key, you can turn up the volume on Vizio TV without a remote control.

Use the SmartCast application

There is an official smartphone app developed by Vizio developers for the users to easily manage the devices. SmartCast is an official application.

Download and install the SmartCast app from the respective app store.

smartcast Vizio remote app

The Vizio TV remote app allows you to turn on your Vizio smart TV without the original remote control. Here we use smart devices like Android smartphones, tablet PC, or iPhones to control the TV using the application.

The remote interface on the app allows you to turn ON, turn OFF, do volume control, change channels, change inputs, manage settings, etc through your mobile phone.

The SmartCast mobile app has a remote control interface that has all the function keys that we have seen in the original remote. A power button on the top. After connecting the app to your smart TV, you can use the power button on the app to turn the TV ON or OFF.

All that you need to do is point your smartphone to the TV, and tap on the power button icon.

How to connect SmartCast remote app to the Vizio smart TV?

In order to control your devices using the app, you should pair the Smartcast app with your TV or other Vizio products.

Only smart TVs will be compatible with the SmartCast app. To know whether you are using the Vizio smart or non-smart TV, look at the model number. When there is a letter “N” on the model number, you can confirm that your TV is a non-smart TV.

Unfortunately, the app is not compatible with your non-smart Vizio TV. The only way to turn on the non-smart TV without the remote is only by using the power button on the remote. Or just wait until you buy a new replacement remote.

Let’s see how to connect the app to the TV.

  • Download and install the SmartCast app
  • Connect the TV and the smartphone under the same WiFi network
  • Open the application. Tap on the “DEVICES” tab
  • Then tap on the Get started button to start pairing
  • Tap to add the device
  • 4 digit PIN number will be visible on your TV
  • Enter the PIN numbers carefully on your app
  • Connected

Tap on the respective control icons to control your TV.

In this way, you can even reset your Vizio TV.

Do you have a universal remote?

Is there any third-party universal remote in your home, that may be compatible with your Vizio TVs? Just look at the place where you put all the outdated belongings. If you found one, then just find out the device codes and program to your TV.

There are some satellite or streaming box remotes that can work with your TV. If you are using the DirecTV subscription, and have the receiver box. Then you can simply pair the DirecTV remote to your Vizio smart TV using the device code and control the TV.

Final Words:

Do you like the way I shared the possible method to turn ON the Vizio TV when there is no remote? I hope so.

I know the second method is not applicable to the non-smart TV. So, you can apply the first method in the case of a normal TV.

Although, it is difficult to manage the TV without a remote, use these methods until you buy a new replacement control.

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