How To Update Sofabaton U1/X1 Firmware?

After the retirement of the Logitech Harmony smart control, Sofabaton is now leading the smart universal remote control market. Earlier, they has U1 universal remote, and recently they launched their first hub-based advanced smart universal remote called Sofabaton X1.

In this post, I am going to show you how to update the Sofabaton U1 and X1 firmware to the latest version. If you are using any one of the remotes, then definitely this post will be helpful for you.

If you are getting any issues with the Sofabaton remotes, you can reset them to factory settings. Also, it’s recommended to check for the latest software updates, and keeping the software up to date will improve the efficiency of your remote.

How To Upgrade Sofabaton Remote Firmware?

There are different procedures for the firmware updates of U1 and X1 models.

Updating U1

We are going to update the firmware Via the Sofabatom mobile application. We don’t do anything with the remote control, but it needs to be connected to the application installed on our smartphone.

Keep your remote and the smartphone as close as possible to avoid any interruption during the update. Also, don’t touch the remote and the smartphone until the update progress bar is complete to 100%.

Make sure that the batteries on the remote have a sufficient charge on them. When the charge is very low, there is a chance of getting the remote disconnected during the software update.

The smartphone should be connected to high-speed internet.

I hope you already paired your Sofabaton remote mobile app with your remote control.

  • First of all, open the app and then connect the app to the remote Via Bluetooth.
  • Press and hold the “-” and the “E” buttons on the remote simultaneously until it get paired
  • After pairing the app will check whether any firmware update is available
  • When there is a new version, the message “A new firmware update is now available. Hit OK to start updating firmware” is displayed on the screen
  • Hit the “OK” button to download the software and update it to the latest version.

It’ll take up to 5 minutes to complete the update.

Updating Sofabaton X1 software through settings

We here use the app to upgrade the X1 remote control. You may already configure the hub, WiFi, and remote.

x1 firmware

  • Open the Sofabaton remote control app
  • Go to the profile and select “Me” and then click the “Settings” tab
  • Then tap on the “Firmware update for X1
  • The app will search for the new update, and when the new version is available, it’ll update to the latest version

In the same way, you can update the U1 remote through the settings tab.

How To Factory Reset a Sofabaton U1/X1 Remote?

Connect the remote to the mobile application Via Bluetooth. Then on the app, log in to your profile. Then navigate to the settings tab. Select the model of the remote control like X1 or U1. Then select the “Factory resetting” option to reset the remote. It’ll take a few minutes to complete the restore.

After resetting, you have to add the devices initially using the application.


Firmware update gives your remote more efficient. As we know, the Sofabaton remotes can work with more than 5000 devices and their different models. On each and every update, the code database is developed. Adding more devices to the code database. So, if one model device from a device brand is not compatible, they will make it compatible in the next update.

When you feel that the remote is showing an error during controlling the device, you can reset or update it. This is not an issue since you can simply add the device using the simple graphical user interface of the application. You don’t directly deal with the remote codes, but the app will do all of them for you.


Hope this post was helpful to you. If you are getting any issues or errors during the software update, please let me know Via the comment box. I am happy to help you.

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