Is There A Remote For Youtube TV?

I know you are addicted to Youtube TV like me once you subscribed to their subscription. But the hardest part is controlling the platform using the regular TV remote control. Are you just wishing there is a special remote control for youtube TV?

Yes! There is remote control available for youtube TV. Since Youtube provided provisions to run on different platforms, some of those services’ original remote control has come with a dedicated button to launch Youtube TV. In addition, you can simply select some of the universal remotes that can solve your problem.

In this post, I’ll share a list of the best youtube TV remotes that you can use in 2023.

What streaming services have Youtube TV?

I guess, a lot of online streaming platforms (Both web-based and device-based) included Youtube TV as a service just to simplify the competition. Because Google says, it has over 5 million subscribers right now and, day by day, the count is increasing.

So, in order to attract maximum users to their platforms, many of them are included in their service.

Streaming platforms with youtube TV are

  • Roku TV
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon FireTV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Android and iOS devices
  • Some gaming consoles like PS4, Xbox, etc

Best remote for Youtube TV In 2023

It’s been just amazing to introduce some good Youtube TV remote controls so that you can quickly put your favorite content on your smart TV.

Though, there are some good apps available. but launching the app each and every time when you want to change the content is very difficult because so many of us are scrolling through our smartphones while watching TV.

1. Sofabaton X1, U1


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When it comes to the case for best universal remote for Youtube TV, the Sofabaton X1 or U1 comes to mind. Whatever device you are using, it’s compatible with them. Because of the multiple connectivity features, yes, Sofabaton has Bluetooth, IR, and WiFi connectivities, and this remote is compatible with many devices.

Since, Sofabaton X1/U1, now playing a big role in the market, is a perfect replacement for the Logitech Harmony advanced smart universal remote, you can simply add an activity to quickly launch the Youtube TV on your smart TVs.

Switching between the different devices is quite simple here. A scrolling wheel just below the OLED display lets you select the device you wish to control currently. When you move the wheel, the connected devices will scroll on the screen.

The model U1 allows you to pair up to 15 devices at a time, but the X1 can add 3 more devices too (18 different devices).

In order to access Youtube TV with a single click, you should add an activity to the remote. The activity name can be anything you like, such as “Watch Youtube TV“, and this will launch all the associated components on the screen and play the content. In the same way, simply add different activities through a dedicated mobile application.


  • A remote hub is available with Sofabaton X1, but U1 doesn’t
  • Easy to configure activities
  • A special mobile app is available to simplify the setup


  • A little bit expensive, but worth of it

FireTV Cube: For Amazon users

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With simple Alexa voice command, awesomely control your Youtube TV. You don’t need a physical remote control. With a wake word. Alexa, and tell what you want to enjoy with streaming.

Amazon Alexa’s built-in FireTV cube allows you to download and install the application on the system.

The voice command that should be used is “Alexa, download Youtube TV“, which will download and install the app on your FireTV cube.

Even though you just need a voice command to control, a simple remote control comes along with the device. The new models come with a special voice remote control. Just press the voice or Alexa logo labeled button on the remote, and then tell what you want to enjoy on Youtube TV.

1- ClickTech

The remote is especially for Roku users, no matter whether you are using smart TVs or a streaming box (Not suitable for Roku stick).

By default, it comes with dedicated app buttons. 6 buttons are there, and one of them specifically allows you to launch the Youtube TV app on your Roku smart TV (& streaming box.)

Let me tell you other buttons are for Netflix, Amazon prime video, and Hulu. The buttons named 1 and 2 can be programmed into your favorite application. But really, all of them can be programmed to any of your choices.

One-click launch of the Youtube TV app on different Roku smart TVs like Sharp, Hisense, Philips, TCL, Onn, RCA, Magnavox, Insignia, Element, etc. Be sure that your smart TV has an IR feature.


  • Looks like the original Roku remote
  • The application keys can be programmed, disabled, or locked conveniently
  • Need not invest a high budget
  • No programming or settings are to be done with any Roku built-in smart TVs
  • You can replace it with the original TV remote


  • Can’t use to launch Youtube TV on Roku streaming stick
  • No other negatives were observed

Apple Siri remote control

Are you accessing Youtube TV on your Apple TV? You can quickly launch the streaming TV with the original remote control. With minimal keys and a soft touchpad, simply get the channel or streaming platform you wanted.

A small touchpad allows you to go through the different tiles on the Apple TV and by selecting the Youtube TV tile, simply touch on it to get started.

It’s not a voice remote, but you can simply access the content without much effort.


  • Soft touchpad included
  • Easy to swipe through the controls


  • There is no dedicated button to launch the app


Can I Use my phone to control Youtube TV?

Yes! If you are using a smartphone with a built-in IR sensor, you can download the best remote control app for youtube TV. Then do all the configuration and settings. Use the remote control application interface to control your TV.

Can I control Youtube TV with Alexa’s voice commands?

Yes, You can. First of all, you should open Youtube TV with the simple voice command “Alexa, open youtube TV“. Use the voice command to play any content available on the YT TV streaming platform.