How To Reset DirecTV Remote Control & Box?

In this post, you’ll learn how to reset DirecTV remote to factory settings. Like programming a DirecTV remote using a code, a reset code is available for restoring the remote control, which is 3 digits numeric. The reset code is 9, 8, and 1. The same code is used to reset any Genie and white ATT remote controls.

Only do this when your DirecTV remote is not working or showing any trouble during working. If you have paired to some device, the programmed codes and the settings will be erased. So, when you reset it, then you need to re-program the remote to your device again.

Do not go directly to the reset option when the DirecTV remote is not responding to the TV or your DVR box. But check the status of the battery whether it has sufficient charge. When the batteries are almost dead, your remote may not respond to the TV or receiver.

To check the batteries are strong enough, press any button, and when the light blinks continuously almost 5 times, you can confirm that the batteries are out of charge.

So, you should replace them. Replace both batteries.

Steps to reset a DirecTV remote control

It’s very simple and can do in under 30 seconds

  • Hit the Mute and Select buttons simultaneously until the light blinks twice
  • Then enter the codes 9, 8, and 1 using the number keypad
  • The light on the remote will blinks 4 times
  • The reset is completed

Now the remote is fresh and no program codes are loaded. Then re-program it to the device and the receiver.

Two methods for pairing the remote to the TV. One is the direct code entry and the other one is the onscreen prompts.

For example, program DirecTV remote to Vizio TV

If the unresponsive issue are not resolved, you should reset your DVR receiver too.

How to reset the receiver box?

There is no complex process to clear the box. There is a RED colored reset button is present on the receiver to simply reset it. The button may be found on the side portion of the box or at the inner side of the ATT chip card pouch.

  • Turn on the DVR receiver
  • Locate the RED colored RESET button on the receiver
  • Press and hold down the button until it restarts
  • That’s it

In case you are using the Genie box, and it is for DirecTV satellite streaming users, the Genie box didn’t have a reset button. So, you can perform a soft power recycle.

If you cannot find the RED button try to soft reset by unplugging the receiver from the power outlet for 2 minutes.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

There are a lot of benefits and disadvantages to restoring the remote and the box.

Advantages include, you can fix almost all the temporary issues that are found on your DirecTV satellite streaming.

The disadvantages include, the paired settings will be lost. You may program the remote to multiple TVs at your home. So, in order to work the remote with the devices again, you should re-program by finding the proper device codes.


Why is my DirecTV remote stopped working?

The main reason may be due to the battery drainage issue. If the problem exists even after changing the batteries, you should reprogram it with a valid device code. You should connect the receiver box to it. Then remove any obstacles between the remote and the device.

What are the blinking codes?

Fortunately, the remote light will blink to show us the status of the batteries. If the light blinks dimmed 5 times, indicating that the batteries need to be replaced.

What are the onscreen prompts to sync the remote?

After turning ON the box, the TV press the Menu button on the remote, then navigate to Settings & Help >> Settings >> Remote Control >> Program Remote. Choose your device to pair.


This guide will help you to fix the errors found on your ATT box and the remote control by resetting them. This is the perfect guide. If non-of the given methods won’t work for you, there will be an issue with the services offered by the ATT.

You can quickly contact customer support [For streaming users]to identify the problem, and they’ll assist you. When the remotes are stopped working within a short time of purchasing, you can complain about the product to the dealer. They’ll replace it immediately.

You should know your customer ID details before contacting them.

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