DirecTV Remote RED Light Issue – Let’s Fix [2024]

There is an indicator light on every DirecTV remote control whether it is Genie or RC model streaming remote. But, many ATT DirecTV subscribers notice the RED light issue, which is blinking in different manners. Sometimes, the DirecTV remote RED light stays ON, blinking rapidly, slowly, etc.

In this post, we will explain what these light codes mean and the effective methods to troubleshoot them to continue enjoying your favorite content.

The light blinking issue may be due to technical errors on the remote control. However, some indications notify users what it means when the light blinks with color in a pattern.

Why RED light on my DirecTV Remote Control?

There are various reasons for the RED light issue on the ATT DirecTV remote control. Issues with the batteries, programming errors, incorrect device codes, conflict with the devices, etc. One of the simplest ways to fix the issue is to reset the remote control to factory settings and then re-pair it to the box and the TV.

When each time we press any keys, the indicator light blinks in GREEN color which is common. But when the light lighting is RED colored, there is some internal issue with the remote control. So, for safety, we have to fix it as soon as possible.

Different patterns of RED light

The RED light stays ON:- The solid RED light for a long time and won’t turn off when pressing any keys.

Blinking rapidly:- the indicator light blinks rapidly continuously and won’t stop

Blinking slowly and then stopping:- This is another type of blinking error.

Those errors are commonly found in all the DirecTV remote controls like RC-72, RC-73, RC-71, Genie controllers, etc.

How to fix the issue?

Factory reset the remote control

You should reset the remote control to factory mode which will ignore all the internal errors. Before that, we have to try to replace the batteries.

When there is a very low charge level, it will show such types of blinking errors.  When the indicator light is flashing continuously in green color, indicates that it is time to replace the batteries.

But flashing in RED color also is a signal that the batteries are going to flatten the charges. So, replace.

If not resolved even after changing the batteries, then think about a factory reset.

To reset it, press and hold down the Setup and the Mute button until the indicator blinks twice. Then enter the code 9,8, and 1 to reset.

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Minimize the number of devices paired

Have you paired the remote to more devices along with your DirecTV receiver box? It is recommended to pair it with only 2 – 3 other devices to minimize the conflict between the devices.

Suppose you have connected multiple TVs and those TVs are in the same room, this RED light issue will happen.

In such case, what you can do is, just reset the remote. Then re-program to the TV. Only one TV along with your receiver. If you have paired with two TVs make sure that one TV should be some distance from another.

Or unplug the unused TV from the power outlet.

Your remote won’t be programmed properly with the exact code

We know that the DirecTV remotes have universal power which can be programmed to multiple devices using specific codes.

When you fail to program the remote to your TV or another device based on the model numbers of the TV and the remote control, this kind of RED light issue will happen.

So, find out the version number of the remote. Then find the model number of the TV you are using. It’s not the brand name, but the alphanumeric characters of the model number.

After that get the proper code from the official website of DirecTV. Then proceed to program using the correct device code.

Can’t connect to the DVR receiver – Make sure the receiver is working fine

You should make sure that the receiver box is working fine. Check all the connections made to and from the box. remove all the obstacles around the box, and then reset the receiver box with a long press on the reset button that is available on the box panel which is a tiny red color button.

Don’t hide the box from the remote control. There are a lot of users who are still placing the DVR box behind their TV and making the DVR box IR sensor hide.

I would recommend you place the box just below the TV and not hide the TV IR sensor.

Change the mode multiple time

In the genie model controller, there is a sliding button on the top. Just slide the button over here and there for few times. When the mode button is at a specific position that it cannot determine in the mode the user has put, the RED light blinking error occurs.

So, push the button to the TV end or the other end intact when you put it on mode.


You have to keep an eye on everything that is violating the smooth functioning of your DirecTV remote control and the RED light issues.

When your DVR box controller gets some issues, it shows types of blinking errors at that time it won’t control your box and the connected TVs properly.

Apply all the given troubleshooting tips to fix the errors.

Hope this helps you to figure out the issue and solve it.

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