Fios Remote Not Working:- Fix Red Light Blinking & Volume Button

The most common problems with the Verizon Fios remotes are the following.

  • Red light blinking (Many times)
  • Fios remote volume button not working issue
  • The power button is not working
  • Won’t change channels
  • Do not turn ON/Off your TV
  • The Remote is not responding
  • Pairing issue

Is your Fios remote not working, and showing so many issues?

This is the final destination. You are landed on a page where I provided solutions to all the issues.

Fios Remote blinking Red light – Fixed

Fix Fios remote blinking red light

So, what does it mean? Some users experienced blinking 5 times or more.

Fortunately, it’s not a serious issue. The red light flashing on the Fios remote is due to the lack of sufficient charge on the batteries. This is an indication. You should use batteries with good health. When the charge drained up to 95%, this will happen.

In order to confirm the problem, look at the blinking LED bulb. If it flashes with dimmed light, you can confirm that the issue is with the cells inserted into the remote.

Alternatively, check by using other spare batteries from the other devices, and if the issue was resolved, you can confirm that the remote battery got dirty.

So, you should immediately replace them with a new set of batteries. The issue will be fixed.

How to fix Fios Remote Volume and channel button not working Issue

Fios remote volume not working issue

I can see that the issue of the Fios remote volume and the channel button is an unresponsive issue.

Possibly, the issue may be due to two critical factors like

  1. Synchronization problem
  2. Physical damage to the button

Try the following troubleshooting tips to get the issue to be resolved.

Reset the control

Once you programmed your Fios remote to your TV volume and getting any trouble, you can simply reset the volume control to fix the issue.

For this, press and hold down the TV or control center button and the volume down button for 5 seconds. 

Fix the synchronization issue

One of the important features that everyone loves about the Verizon Fios remote is that it can be able to program your TV volume through the set-top box. By this method, we can simply avoid the usage of the separate remote control for both the TV and the set-top box.

When the synchronization or programming error occurs, we’ll get volume control and channel control issues.

Set up TV volume control through Fios STB as follows

  • Press the both OK and the key 2 buttons simultaneously and then release them. The red light on the remote blinks and then keeps illuminated
  • Press the code 9, 5, and 5 in the order and the Red light will again blink twice and then stay illuminated
  • Then press the STB power key on the remote so the light will blink three times

Now your Fios set-top box will be able to control your TV volume.

Check the connections between the TV and the STB

Suppose you have connected your TV to external speakers like Sonos, you should check whether all the connections are made properly. While having connection issues, your Fios remote won’t change the volume but can change channels.

To verify that you made a wrong connection, first, disconnect the external speaker from your TV or STB, and then control the volume through the STB. If it’s working fine, you can confirm that there is an error in the connection or that the external speaker may be corrupted.

Check both connection and the device and then re-program the remote to fix the volume error.

Fios Voice remote not responding? Check program voice option settings

If you are using the new model Fios voice-enabled remote control and there is an issue with the voice feature, reset the voice option on the set-top box.

Before that, check the connection between the TV and the Verizone STB. Check the batteries are in good health. Because of having a voice option, there is a possibility to quickly drain the change on them.

Now follow the instructions

  • Press the Menu button on the Fios STB and look at the menu options on your TV
  • Then go to the settings option
  • Select the Program voice tab and then select the Reset option
  • Press the OK button and wait till the reset process completes

Once reset was completed, re-program your Fios voice remote to the TV by the following methods

On-screen prompts will help you to set up the voice remote to TV and STB

  • Go to Menu and then select the settings tab
  • Then navigate to the voice control option and select program voice remote
  • Select Manual setup from the available option and then Select the OK button

Since we selected the manual method, On-screen prompts will appear on the TV screen. Simply follow the instructions carefully to set up the voice remote on your TV.

On prompts, you will be needed to select the model number of your Fios set-top box and the connected TV (Brand name) and then complete the instructions.

A success message will appear on the screen after completing the setup.

Use the proper code when programming the remote

Have you programmed the remote with the universal remote code? You may be using the wrong device code. It’s better to note down the universal device code from the user manual of the remote control.


Because there are different models of remotes available. Once you find the code from unofficial sources on the internet, the code may be for one specific model but not yours. The user manual of your remote can have the proper code.

So, if you have to find the code from other sources, make sure that the code is suitable for your remote control. That’s why I suggested you get the user manual.

Check for Physical Damage

Keeping your remote without any damage is essential. It’s difficult to get the proper replacement remote when the original has broken (Even though there are a lot of universal remotes available).

If your Fios remote Power, volume, and channel buttons are not working together, and some other buttons are working, we can assume that there is a probability of physical damage to the remote.

This may include the issue with the circuit board or the corrupted button mat.



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