How To Program Fios Remote To TV With Codes?

Do you know you can program Fios remote to turn your TV ON and OFF? This is a fact that many Verizon users don’t know. Different models are available now, and many of the newly launched remotes have some advanced features like Voice control, Backlit, Big buttons¬†(For simple use for elderly people), code-less programming, etc.

However, the Verizon Fios remote control has a universal environment, we have to use the correct code when pairing to the TV. Each model should have separate codes. That’s why I included the list of codes along with this article.

If you are using very basic and old-model remotes provided by Verizon (That may be compatible with the Set-top box), I would recommend you upgrade to the new model so that you can enjoy the voice feature. The voice remote allows for hands-free operation, making it convenient to control your Fios STB just with the voice.

How to program Fios Voice Remote Control to A Set-top Box?

  • Point your Fios TV voice remote to your Verizon Fios Set-top-Box (Fios One/ Mini)
  • Simultaneously press and hold down the PLAY/PAUSE & O buttons
  • Once you see there is a Blue light flashing on the remote, release the buttons
  • Wait until the blue light flashing stops
  • Once the flashing stops, you can confirm that the remote has paired to FiOS STB

How to program Fios Voice remote to TV (For Turn OFF/ON functions)?

Once you complete pairing with the set-top box, the devices such as your TV, or any other device like the Home theater system, soundbar, etc will be automatically detected.

Then follow the on-screen prompts

  1. Go to Menu, and then select Settings tab
  2. Then go to Voice control, and then navigate to Voice remote
  3. Now select the Program remote option, and then select Automatic Setup

The system will automatically set up your Fios voice remote to the TV. Wait for the SUCCESS message.

If you select Manual setup, instead of Automatic, then you need to select your TV brand name and model number from the drop-down menu, and then follow the instructions.

Fios remote codes for TVs

TV BrandCode

How to set up the Verizon Fios P265 Old remote control?

For this older model, programming to your TV requires the use of a 3-digit code.

Note down the code according to your TV brand.

  • Turn on your TV and set-top box
  • press and hold the OK and 0 (Zero) keys together. The RED LED on the remote control will blink twice and then stay on.
  • Using the number pad, input the 3-digit TV code specific to your TV brand. After entering the code, the RED LED will blink twice and then be illuminated.
  • Press and release the CH+ (Channel Up) button repeatedly every 2 seconds until your TV goes OFF
  • Turn on the TV manually, and then test if all the keys are working or functioning

PS: If you are using the Verizon P283 big button remote, use the same method as I described above

Can’t find your codes? Try the automatic code search method

If you’re unable to find the correct device or TV brand code to sync the remote with your TV, no need to worry. The Fios remote features an auto-code search mode to assist you in pairing with your TV

Make sure your TV and STB are connected and switch ON.

Simultaneously press the OK and FiOS TV buttons, then release both buttons. The red light on the remote will blink twice and then stay ON.

Press and release the PLAY/PAUSE every 2 seconds until your TV gets turned OFF. This time, the remote sends each code to the TV from the library.

Next, press the TV button to turn on your TV. If the TV turns ON, then press the OK button to save the code.

If your TV is not turned ON, press the CH- (Channel down) key every 2 seconds until the TV turns ON. Then press the OK button.

That’s it.

Video tutorial

Syncing the Fios voice controller Via Bluetooth



still, you are using the basic model Fios TV remote, upgrade both STB and remote to voice-featured and Bluetooth enabled. Let’s enjoy the freedom of controlling your TV and streaming receiver.

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