Cox Contour Remote: Codes And Programming Instructions

Cox residential services, commonly known as Cox, is a telecommunications and cable company that provides a range of services such as cable television, internet, and home phone services. They are mainly operated in the United States. Cox Contour remotes are famous for programming and use with multiple devices. Yes! They possess universal in nature.

Since the company’s launch, they have introduced numerous remote controls, and among them, the most notable models are the Cox Contour remotes, known for their advanced features like voice control, auto-code search programming, and more.

In this post, I am going to share all the Cox Contour remote codes and programming instructions. If you are looking for genuine methods, stick with me in this article.

The main types of Cox Contour Remotes Are

  1. New Contour Voice Remote (XR15)
  2. Contour Voice XR11
  3. Contour XR5

I just want to share one interesting fact the XR5, and XR11 models look like Xfinity remotes. But they are entirely different companies and competitors too.

Among these XR15 is the newest one. I hope you may have any one of the following Cox Contour remotes in your hand.

Some old-model Cox controllers are available but I suspect many of them are not available in the market, or are not being used by customers.

How To Set up Cox Contour XR15 Remote To TV?

Typically, a Cox Contour XR15 remote control works well with the receiver box. Once you establish a connection between the TV and the receiver box, you can start using the remote control.

When you install batteries in it and remove the pull tab from the backside, the LED on the remote will blink blue, and this will last for up to 5 seconds. Afterward, press the Voice Command key and follow the onscreen prompts to complete the setup process.

In order to provide voice command, press and hold down the Mike key, and then as what you want, like “Open Amazon Prime“, etc.

Follow the instructions to pair the Cox Contour XR15 voice remote to control your TV

  1. Turn ON your TV connected to the Contour receiver
  2. Press the A button by pointing to the receiver box
  3. Then select the “Remote Setup” tab or say “Remote setup” by pressing and holding the Voice button
  4. Then follow the onscreen prompts to complete the setup process

That’s all about it. You don’t need any code to pair your TV or audio receiver to connect.

By programming like this, you can control your TV’s volume, power function, Input, muting, etc.

undersatnd cox contour xr15


Can you program Cox Contour XR15 to another Cox receiver?

The answer is YES!

To do this, press and hold down the A and D buttons until the status indicator light changes from RED to GREEN.

Then enter the digits 9, 8, and 1 through the number keys.

Next, point the remote to the new receiver, press the Voice command button, and follow the onscreen prompts to set up your new receiver.

Setting up Cox Contour Voice XR 11 model remote

If you’ve just purchased the XR11 model, it’s not yet activated for voice control. You simply need to power up your controller. To do this, remove the pull tab located on the backside. After doing so, you will notice that the status light blinks in GREEN color four times.

Then turn ON both your TV and the connected Contour receiver.

Now start the exact method for pairing for voice control.

  • Press and hold the SETUP button for 3 seconds until the status light turns from RED to GREEN
  • Then press the CONTOUR button
  • Follow the on-screen prompts, and it shows a 3-digit code in the TV display
  • Enter the displayed code through the remote control

That’s it.

Now learn,

How to program the Cox Contour XR11 voice/XR5 remote to the TV using codes?

Before moving to the step-by-step process, know what 5-digit codes are used for different branded TVs.

TV BrandCox Contour XR11 codes
LG10178, 11265
Panasonic10051, 10250
Samsung10812, 10060
Sanyo10154, 10159
Sony10000, 111100
Sharp10093, 10165
Toshiba10156, 11156
Vizio11756, 11758

Follow the instructions

  • Press and hold the SETUP button for approximately 3 seconds until the Status LED changes from RED to GREEN.
  • Input the 5-digit code for your TV manufacturer. The Status LED should blink GREEN twice.
  • Check the remote by verifying the functions such as Volume, and ON/OFF are properly working with your TV

If one code doesn’t work, try with another code.

Programming Contour Cox XR11/XR5 remotes without code

Don’t get frustrated when you can’t find the codes that are suitable for your TV brand. The Contour remote can be programmed into your TV without a code via the automatic code search method.

While the receiver and TV or audio device are ON, hold down the Setup button on the remote for three seconds until the red LED light changes to green.

Then for a TV enter 9-9-1 and for an audio device, enter 9-9-2.

Press the Channel Up button repeatedly until the TV or device switches off. Pause for approximately one second between each press.

Once your TV or audio device turns OFF, press the SETUP button.

Then turn ON your device again and check all the functions are working properly.

How to reset Cox Contour remote control?

A maximum of 2 devices can be programmed for one remote control. If you want to add a new device, then you should clear the programmed devices and their corresponding codes.

Just get some other universal remotes like General Electric (GE) for a maximum number of supported devices.

When it comes to resetting, there is a reset code and it is 9-8-1. When the indicator light changes to GREEN from RED by pressing the SETUP button for 3 seconds, then enter the code 9-8-1 to factory reset the remote.

The resetting can be used as a troubleshooting method when your Contour remote shows issues with proper functioning.

Wrapping it up

Programming and resetting a Cox Contour remote control is just as easy, following a similar process with a slight difference in the second step. I believe I have presented this tutorial to help you better understand. If you have any doubts, please comment in the comment box, and I’ll be sure to assist you with the issue.



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