How To Reset Vizio Remote When It’s Not Working?

Resetting is the primary troubleshooting tip I apply whenever my remote control is not working. Because it can fix all the small issues. When your Vizio TV, DVD, or Soundbar remotes stop working, then reset your Vizio remote control to solve the issue and you should be sure that there are no problems with the batteries or circuit board.

Make ensure that you are using the original Vizio remote when applying the steps that I outlined below. If you are using a third-party universal remote like RCA with your Vizio smart TV, the resetting procedures may be different based on the vendor brand.

How To Reset A Vizio Remote Control?

There is no reset button on the remote available as in Vizio smart TVs. But we’ll restore it to factory settings by the power recycling method.

  • Remove the batteries from the remote control
  • Then press and hold down the power button for 10 seconds so all the residual power will get the drain
  • Press and release all other buttons in a rapid manner if any are stuck buttons there to unstuck them all
  • Re-insert the batteries into the battery compartment
  • If the batteries are too old, then replace them with a fresh set of batteries
  • Try the remote control with your Vizio device

Test the IR sensor is working fine

If you can’t fix the not working Vizio TV remote even after resetting, check if the IR sensor (Infrared) on the remote is working OK. To test this, point the remote control to the camera of your smartphone, then press all the buttons so that the LED is visible blinking through the display of your mobile phone.

Other troubleshooting tips

Sometimes your device needs to be reset

You should possibly reset your Vizio devices like smart TV, Soundbar, etc to get it to work with a restored original remote control.

We can reset the TV through the settings section on the TV, but we know that the remote is not working to go through the Menu and settings. In such cases, you could use Vizio’s official SmartCast application [This link is for iOS users] or using the buttons present on the TV panel.

Recommendation:- Before resetting your entire device, I recommend you power recycle the device too. This is possible by just unplugging the device from the power source for 3 – 5 minutes, then re-connect it.

Here is the quickest method to reset your TV without the original remote control.

  • Turn ON the TV manually
  • Press and hold down the Volume-down and Input buttons simultaneously for a few seconds
  • A message will appear on the screen saying “To reset to defaults, from the back panel, press the input button for 10 seconds
  • A pop-up message will show “Memory being cleared, Resetting the display“, wait till the resetting is completed.

In some models, is reset button is present, especially in new models. The location of all the buttons is present on the back side of the TV panel.

For soundbars, you could check if there is a dedicated button to reset them.

After restoring your device, then test your Vizio remote control with the device. It could work perfectly.

Clear the obstacles in front of the TV

If the remote is an IR remote, it needs a direct line of sight to work with the device. So, you should ensure that there are no obstacles that can interrupt the IR signals between the remote as well as your device.

Also, clean the IR sensors of both of them. Because any shady things that may cover the IR sensor can disrupt communication.

One similar type of issue has recently occurred with my own remote control. The juice was poured into the IR sensor of the remote and it covered the IR sensor. When I cleaned them gently using a cotton cloth after applying water, it was removed and started working.

Distance matters

Now the TV comes with a remote having Bluetooth as well as Infrared connectivities. For Infrared controls, we can take the maximum distance up to 12 meters, but in the case of Bluetooth remotes, the maximum distance is 40 feet. More than that could affect the proper communication to the device.

So try the remote in a different range of distance.

Have you recently updated the TV firmware? So, reset the TV

When there was recently updated firmware on your Vizio smart TV, the probable reason may be the newly updated firmware may not be compatible with the remote control. When I contacted the Vizio customer support team, there was less chance of getting the non-compatibility issue.

If none of the above-given methods doesn’t work, then restore the TV to the factory settings I mentioned above.

Get a new replacement remote control

You can buy a replacement remote for your Vizio TV, home theater, or soundbar if your remote is completely out of work. You can either buy a new original remote from an authoritative Vizio showroom or buy a universal remote control so that you can pair it with a certain code.


I hope this detailed post helps you fix the not-responding Vizio remote control. If it could help you a lot, please consider sharing this post, it’ll be wise since sharing really spreads knowledge.

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