How To Program ONN Universal Remote? [A Definitive Guide]

ONN is a well-known TV manufacturer with a wide range of smart TVs including Roku built-in TVs. In addition, they have a unit of universal remotes production. They have a lot of budget-friendly replacement remotes that are compatible to work with hundreds of different TVs.

Today, I will show you the exact process of programming the ONN universal TV remote control. If you bought a new one, this post would definitely help you. You may be purchased the remote because of having broad compatibility features, is backlit enabled, and has brand value.

I appreciate you have made a good decision. Because, this remote can work with TVs, streaming devices, DVD players, Blu-ray players, sound bars, various set-top boxes, etc.

How’ll you make it ready with your device?

Obviously, there are programming codes available. We should find out the best working 4 digits that match our remote control and the device.

In addition code entry method, There is an auto-code search method available to program the remote without codes.

Get ready for your remote with a pair of fresh batteries inside.

How To Program Onn Universal Remote?

You need to find out the device codes using the code finder tool available in this URL

When you open the URL, the official website will open and from there you’ll get the device codes for the ONN universal remote control.

Two drop-down lists are there. The first one is to select the device category, and the second one is to select the brand of the device.

onn universal remote codes finder tool

Fortunately, the same codes can be used to program any model ONN remote control. We don’t want to keep an eye on the model number or serial number.

After you select the device category and the brand name, a list of codes will be displayed on the screen. Note down all the codes. But only use one code among them when pairing.

Direct code entry method

This is the same method that we used in pairing GE universal remote control to different devices. The PROGRAM button is here ONN remote rather than the SETUP button

  • In remote, the Program button is there. Press and hold on to it until the POWER button lights UP in RED color
  • Then press the device category button
  • The power button’s RED indicator blinks twice and remains ON
  • Now enter the 4-digit code from the listed codes [Enter the first code]
  • The RED indicator will get turn off when you entered a valid code
  • If the RED light doesn’t turn off after entering the code, try with another code

Programming ONN remote without codes [Code search method]

Though the code finder tool helps you to find the 100% working device codes, in the case when you can’t get the codes, you can pair your ONN universal remote to your device without a code.

  • Step 1: Turn on your device
  • Step 2: Point the remote to your device. Press and hold the program button until the power RED button lights up and remains ON
  • Step 3: Press the device category button so that the RED indicator blinks twice and remains ON
  • Step 4: Press and hold down the OK button until your device turns OFF. During this time, the remote constantly send codes to the device
  • If the device has switched OFF, release the OK button
  • The setup process completed

Turn on the device again, and then test all the buttons whether all are working properly.


Can I program ONN universal remote to the Roku streaming device?

Yes. Fortunately, ONN remotes are compatible with a wide range of streaming media players including Roku sticks. You should probably use the codes 3525, 2007, and 4483 when pairing. 

The device category button that should be used is the “STREAMING” button.

How many devices can be paired?

If you have a 6-in-1 remote control, up to 6 devices can be paired. So, when you have 6 devices at your home, you can replace the 6 remotes with this single ONN remote.

What are the different types of devices that are compatible with ONN remote control?

  • TV
  • Smart TVs
  • DVD players
  • Blu-ray players
  • Audio devices
  • Soundbars
  • Set-top boxes [Satellite receivers]
  • VCR
  • Media Streaming devices
  • Digital frames, etc

Final notes

Now it’s very easy for you to control multiple devices using the one ONN universal remote control. Don’t get hesitate when you can’t finish the pairing process or have any trouble. You can simply re-program the remote using another code from the list.

In most cases, the remote will get paired with the first attempt using the first code. But you have to check all the function keys are responding to the devices even when you got the green signal.

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