How To Program Vivitar Universal Remote? [& Codes List]

Are you having trouble pairing your Vivitar remote to your device? You have landed at the correct place. Make use of our expertise, and we’ll show you how to program Vivitar universal remote using the device code.

Vivitar is a budget-friendly third-party remote control you can set up with your various devices. You should use 4-digit codes while setting it up.

Even though it’s a simple and standard remote control, some models may incorporate advanced features like programmable macros, enabling users to execute multiple commands with a single button press. The older models of Vivitar remotes are known to control combo devices like DVD/VCR units, TV/DVD units, etc

It’s difficult to find the proper code when you miss the user’s manual and the code booklet when you purchase the remote. The reason behind this is they have reduced the production of new models. But, here, you’ll get the list of 100% working codes and the programming instructions.

Vivitar universal remote codes for TVs

TV BrandsVivitar Remote Codes
Samsung TV0702, 0019, 0056, 0408, 0766, 1060, 1395, 1903, 0178, 0032, 0329
Vizio TV004, 011, 113, 502, 505, 627, 1064, 1226
LG TV0178, 0700, 0856, 1325, 1758, 1265, 0442, 0829
Sony TV1036, 1093, 1001, 1135, 1177
Philips1483, 0690, 1454, 0690, 1154, 0054
Sanyo1142, 0799, 0232, 0146, 0088, 0154
Panasonic1125, 0125, 0124, 1163
Insignia0171, 1204, 1517, 2002, 1963, 1326
Element TV10178, 11886
Emerson TV0019, 0039, 0177, 0181, 0183, 0154
Hisense TV1120, 3210

Instructions to program a Vivitar universal remote

Get ready with the remote having a good condition battery.

Find the codes according to the device category and the brand name. You need to only use one code. And if the code doesn’t work, then try with another code in the table.

We are taking the example of programming a Vivitar remote to a TV.

Direct code input method

  • Point the remote to your TV set and press the “TV” button
  • Press and hold down the Setup button till the LED lights up on top
  • Then enter the 4-digit Vivitar remote code for your device
  • The light will blink 4 times when you enter the correct code
  • If the code is incorrect, the light will turn off
  • Then point the remote to the TV and press the power button to check
  • Try pressing other commands on the remote too.

The same method can be used when you pair the Vivitar remote to other devices like DVD players, audio devices, set-top boxes, etc.

How to find the codes for the Vivitar universal remote?

You’ll get a user manual and the device code booklet when you buy a remote control. The code booklet is specifically used to program the specific remote control model. You should keep both the manuals and the code book safe. Because, when it is lost, it may be difficult for you to find the correct code when you are trying to program for a device in the future.

Anyway, we have a set of cool and working codes for smart TVs that are outlined above.

Download the Vivitar user manual

You can’t get the user manual PDF files to be downloaded from the official website. Vivitar is no longer promoting its third-party remote models. You could contact the customer support team when you are getting into trouble finding the codes and programming.

Anyway, we have the Vivitar URC-720 remote user manual found.

The same procedures for Viv-urc-713 and 720 8-in-1 remotes.

It doesn’t contain codes, but you can find the various methods of pairing the remote like the automatic code search method, brand name search method, etc.

Download Now


Vivitar universal remote is compatible with multiple devices at a time. To know how many devices your remote is compatible with, look at the model. So many models are 8-device supported. You can program for up to 8 devices. Use the single remote with the 8 paired devices.

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