Jumbo Universal Remote Codes & Programming Guide [2023]

If you are looking for a narrow, lightweight, and easy-to-hold universal remote to control multiple devices at your home, here is an exclusive option called the Jumbo universal remote. It looks like a car stereo remote. It is slightly wider in width, but that does not pose any issues when holding it.

You can make your Jumbo remote compatible with up to 8 different devices like TV, DVD, old video cassette player (VCRs), and Cable/Satellite receivers. Programming becomes a straightforward task with a valid code, and it also supports an auto code search method.

In this article, I will provide you with the Jumbo universal remote codes and step-by-step programming procedures. I will guide you through both methods of programming, so make sure to continue reading for all the details.

Jumbo universal remote

There are a total of 42 keys, and each one of them represents a specific function. A tiny indicator light is at the top to get any feedback for the various functions we used.

Let’s begin the setup process. Before that, we have to find out the relevant device codes for various branded devices.

What are the Jumbo universal remote codes?

For TVs

TV BrandJumbo Remote Codes
Emerson012, 023, 024
GE (General Electric)000, 003, 006, 022, 052, 054
Hitachi004, 006, 012, 013, 059, 060, 061
JVC012, 013, 054, 060, 182, 225
Magnavox004, 006, 008, 019, 062, 234, 235
Marantz004, 006, 062, 078, 196
Panasonic003, 054, 062, 170, 214, 227
Philips004, 006, 008, 019, 075, 076, 086
RCA000, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 019, 096, 098
Samsung004, 005, 006, 012, 015, 017, 019, 104
Sanyo004, 048, 049, 080, 107
Sharp004, 006, 012, 029, 095, 111, 112
Sylvania004, 008, 019, 008
Toshiba049, 071, 072, 105, 109

Codes for DVD players

  • JVC – 161
  • Magnavox – 162
  • Mitsubishi – 163
  • Philips – 162
  • Pioneer – 165
  • Proscan – 160
  • Sony – 166
  • RCA – 160
  • Toshiba – 167

Codes for satellite receivers

  • Alphastar – 079
  • Echosphere -078
  • ECHOSTAR – 089
  • GE – 071, 080, 081
  • Hitachi Sys I – 084
  • Hitachi SYS II – 083

How to program a Jumbo universal remote?

Get the code appropriate for your device brand from the above table, and then follow the exact steps below

  • Press and hold the CODE SEARCH button until the RED indicator stays ON, and release the button
  • Next, enter the 3-digit code by using the number keys
  • If you entered the right code, the LED indicator will be turned OFF
  • The RED light indicator will flash when the entered code is wrong
  • With your device ON, press the channel UP button. If the device is responding, no further programming is needed
  • Otherwise, repeat the steps with another code from the table

After completing the pairing process, kindly verify the functionality of all the keys with your device.

Many people asking me Via the contact us page that they can’t set up the remote with the code provided in the user manual. If you feel that non-of the codes are not working, you can simply follow the auto-code search method to program your Jumbo universal remote.

Auto-code search method

Turn ON your device whether it is a TV, DVD whatever you want to setup it with the remote.

Next, press and hold down the CODE SEARCH key until the LED indicator stays ON. Then release the key.

Then point your Jumbo remote to the device, and REPEATEDLY press and release the POWER button until your device is turned OFF. It’s suggested to give 1 – 2 seconds time intervals between each pressing.

If there is no response, repeatedly press the CHANNEL UP button until the device responds like controlling channels.

Once you notice the significant response, press and release the MUTE button to register the code.

In the testing phase, test all the keys like CH+, CH-, Vol+, Vol-, etc on the remote whether all are working properly with the device.

How to tell the Jumbo universal remote which component you wish to control?

Whenever you programmed your Jumbo remote to multiple devices like TV, DVD, SAT, etc, you have to tell the remote which component you need to control.

For this, example, if you want to control your TV, press the TV button on the remote to make it TV mode. The remote will be in TV mode as long as you change it to another mode like DVD, CBL, etc.

Jumbo universal remote user manual PDF

Do you want complete guidance and tutorials on Jumbo universal remote in PDF format?

Download the user manual and keep it on your computer or smartphone.


The user manual contains a list of all the codes for the TV, DVD, and SAT receiver box device brands that I missed here in this article. This is a complete tutorial.

Hope I have covered all the topics related. Please share on social media.

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