How To Reset GE Universal Remote? [3 Working Methods]

It’s very frustrating that the remote control is not working the way we like. If you are getting trouble with the GE remote, there are different reasons that occur. When you reset GE universal remote to factory settings all the temporary issues will be solved. Restoring means we were bringing it to the stage when we bought it. So that we can get the remote to a fresh start by re-programming with a valid code.

There are various cases we can think about resetting it like when the remote is not responding to your device, can’t program to a new device, anonymously blinking the IR LED light, etc. But one thing that I need to remember you is that all the settings that have been done till then will be erased after restoring.

How To Reset A GE Universal Remote?


Method 1: The ever simplest method

  • Press and hold the “Setup” button until the RED light blink for at least 2 seconds
  • Release the button so that the LED light remains ON
  • Then press and release the “OK” button
  • Now press the release the “0” key, and ‘the RED LED indicator blinks twice indicating that the remote has been reset successfully

Method 2: Power recycling

In this method, we’ll just power recycle the remote by removing the batteries. After removing the batteries, wait at least 10 minutes. During this time, you need to rapidly press and release each and every button to dry all the accumulated charges in the remote. After doing this, re-insert the batteries back into the battery compartment. Your remote control will undergo the factory settings mode.

Then you need to program the GE universal remote for further use with the device.

Method 3: Using the Mute button

This method even can use when the remote is in working condition and there is IR communication to the device. This method is more beneficial when you want to pair a new device, but the quota of the remote for the number of devices to be programmed is exceeded.

There are some of the models GE remotes that don’t bear the OK button that can use the first method. Such users can use this method.

Follow these 3 steps:

  • Press and hold down the Setup key until the RED LED indicator blinks and remains ON
  • then press and release the “Mute” button
  • And then press and release the “0” (Zero) key to complete the resetting


There are a lot of benefits when you hard reset your General Electric remote control.

  • Helps to improve the response rate of the remote (Rapidly response to your TV or any other device)
  • All the bugs will be fixed
  • Anonymous behavior will be solved (LED blinking issue)
  • Unpair all the paired devices quickly
  • When the remote suddenly stopped working, resetting will give it new life
  • Helps to fix when some keys are not working issue, etc

More suggestions

After resetting your GE universal remote control, I would suggest you insert a new set of batteries into it if the batteries on the remote are too old. The remote will show some anonymous behaviors when there is no sufficient charge on the batteries. If you are using 8 device remotes, you need to program for all those devices. So while having low power on the batteries will walk you through the programming for all those devices soon again.

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