GE Universal Remote Not Working – How To Fix?

Here are the easy fixes you can apply when your GE universal remote not working. In addition, I am going to explain some common problems with the remote control. People are experiencing some glitches. There is a couple of easiest way to troubleshoot the remote to get it back into good working condition.

Some common problems are

  • No working Volume button
  • The GE remote menu button not working
  • Flashing the power button continuously
  • Slow to respond to the device
  • Channel buttons not working
  • Can’t program the GE remote, etc

How to fix the GE universal remote not working issue?

Apply the following troubleshooting methods

Check the inserted batteries

First of all, you need to check the batteries inserted on the GE remote. When the batteries are running out of charge, your remote won’t work with your device. There is no battery status indicator on the remote, so you should replace the batteries.

Ensure that both batteries are replaced when changing them out. Be certain to correctly align the positive and negative terminals with the corresponding slots in the battery compartment

Test whether the IR sensor is working fine

Next, you have to check your remote’s IR sensor is working properly. To know this, there is a simple trick that you may know. Take your smartphone and open the camera application. Then point the remote control to the camera, and then press all the buttons. When the IR sensor is working fine, you can see the IR LED blinking each time you press the keys.

This is the simplest method to check whether the buttons are working fine or not. So many users have reported the GE remote’s Menu, volume, power, and channel buttons are not working. This is a possible way to check whether the issue is with the specific button or not.

Move from the shift mode

When the remote is on shift mode, it may not work. Immediately move from the shift mode, and program the remote to your device using the correct device code.

To move from this mode, press and release the shift or setup button, and the LED light will blink. Then press the arrow keys and when the LED light blinking stops, remove the batteries for 2 minutes. Re-insert and then re-program it.

Reset your remote control

This is a somewhat old method of troubleshooting tips. When we reset the remote to factory settings, all the saved settings and data will be lost. When there is an issue with the programming or the code applied, the issues will be resolved.

Before getting a hard reset, I suggest you perform power recycling. It’s like removing the batteries for few times from the remote and then programming using the proper code (Preferably get the 4-digit code from the official website). If this doesn’t work, then do a hard reset.

Refer to this post:- How to reset a GE universal remote?

Reprogram the remote

After resetting, you should re-program your GE universal remote with the correct 4-digit codes. Not using the proper code may be the reason your GE remote not working the way you want. When you have not used the correct code, the remote may be partially programmed.

So, when finding the correct GE universal remote code for your device, you should check the CL version of the remote whether it is CL3, CL4, or CL5. After that get the appropriate code from the official website.

Obviously, you will get a list of codes. Just use the first code from the list. Though you can program without the code, I strongly advise you to use the code to program your GE universal remote.

Hardware-related issues fixing

When the GE universal remote different buttons are not working which means the Volume, Power, and channel buttons are due to the issue with the hardware part.

If you are using the remote control for a long time, issues related to prolonged usage will arise. Before checking the issue, you should check all the buttons on the remote control whether it is stuck or not. Press and release each and every button rapidly to unstuck occurred.

Some GE remote buttons are not working – Fixed

When some buttons or keys are not working, the issue will be with the remote control button mat or membrane. After prolonged usage, the electric paint applied on the button membrane may be erased and there is no communication between the keys and the circuit board. This could be fixed, but we have to open the remote panel and take the button mat.

After that clean the mat with a brush to clear all the dust particles that accumulated.

Then if you have Isopropyl rubbing alcohol at your home, just pour it on a cotton cloth and gently clean all the circuit board as well as the button mat. I have MySpirit Isopropyl rubbing alcohol for various circuit board cleaning purposes according to my business.

Isopropyl rubbing alcohol to clean the remote

If you have no this clinical spirit, then don’t worry. skip this step.

Apply electric paint

Electric paint is a conductive metallic liquid that can be applied to the remote control button to enhance the working of the keys.

After removing the button mat from the remote control, check if there is any degrading see on the mat.

To fix this, you should buy conductive electric paint and gently apply it to the downside of each and every button. Either you can directly apply it from the tube or can be applied using the earbuds.

Apply conductive electric paint

After applying this conductive electric paint, wait for a few minutes to get it dry. Then reassemble the remote control by placing the button membrane in the correct position, and place the circuit board accordingly.

Try a new General Electric Universal remote, it’s very cost-effective

When the issue is with the circuit board, it would be hard to fix the issue. Rather than fixing it by bringing it to a technician, it’s better to buy a new remote.

As a GE remote user, you know how cheap is the remote. It only takes less than $10 to buy a new remote control using which you can control multiple devices. So, if you can’t fix the remote, just get into the waste bin and buy a new GE remote control. You’ll get a user manual along with the new remote pack, and it contains the exact pairing steps and the supported codes for various devices.

Rather than throwing off the user manual, just keep that on your shelf so that you can simply program the remote in the future in case the remote gets reset.


When you apply the given troubleshooting methods, I can be sure that the errors on your GE universal remote will be fixed. If you know any additional methods to fix the issue, please share them Via the comment box below. I’ll add it to this post, and it will help others too.

Keep sharing my post. 🙂

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