Are Firestick Remotes Universal & Interchangeable?

To simplify controlling multiple devices, we would like to use a universal remote control. But now almost all TV remotes can be programmed to work with multiple devices. But what about streaming devices like Amazon Firestick remotes?

In this post, we are going to cover the details regarding the facts like Are Firestick remotes universal, are interchangeable? etc.

No! Firestick remotes are not universal but they are interchangeable. The term universal means we can be able to program to work with different devices like TV, DVD players, home theater, other streaming devices,  etc. However the Amazon FireTV original remote can be used to control the TV’s volume but cannot use to control all the functions. In this way, we can conclude that they are not universal.

Firestick remotes are interchangeable

We can use one Firestick remote to control another FireTV stick but we have to pair it to the device. Suppose you have two devices and the remote control of one device has been damaged, then you can use the same remote to control both FireTV sticks.

If you have two remotes at your home, for safety, pair both of them to your devices, in the case when one of them gets damaged suddenly, you can take another one and use it along with the device.

If you haven’t paired it to the device, then to pair it you should download and install the FireTV mobile app on your smartphone to go through the series of steps to pair the unpaired remote control.

How to add multiple remotes to the Firestick device?

Already paired remote needed to add more remote controls. If you don’t have one, then don’t worry. Download and install the Amazon FireTV app from the Google Play Store or iOS app store.

After logging in to the app or have already paired controllers, then  follow the steps

  • Go to settings and then select the controllers and Bluetooth devices option

adding remotes to FireTV device

  • Then select Amazon FireTV remotes

pairing and unpairing controls

  • Select the “Add New Remote” tab
  • After selecting this, the device will start searching for the new remotes

searching for new and adding

  • Press and hold down the Home button on the new remote for 10 seconds
  • Then Press SELECT on your old remote or app to add the new one to the device
  • There will be a message ready to pair and the pairing will be completed within seconds
  • Now you have added

This is the same method you can pair the new FireTV remote without the old one.

An alternate method to pair the new remotes

If you have a USB computer keyboard or a Bluetooth keyboard, without using the Firestick app, you can simply add new remotes.

All that we want to access are the settings the menu options on the Firestick, and the navigational options.

Using the computer keyboards, we can easily access the settings tab, use the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate through the settings, and add remotes.

To connect the USB-wired computer keyboard to the Firestick, we have to use an OTG cable or cable adapter. The OTG must be a micro USB to USB adapter.

How to make connections?

The USB port should be connected to the keyboard. And the micro USB should be connected to the Amazon Firestick. Then the OTG’s third port should be connected to the HDMI port of your smart TV.

add multiple remote to Firestick using a keyboard

After this connection is made, use the arrow keys to navigate through the settings tab mentioned above, and then add new remotes to your Firestick device

The keys should be used on the keyboard

  • Home button
  • Enter & Space button to select the highlighted tab
  • Back button to go back
  • Navigation keys like UP, Down, Right and left for moving the highlights

To connect the Bluetooth keyboard, select Other Bluetooth devices under the “Controllers & Bluetooth devices” tab.

Can I use the Alexa voice remote on any Firestick devices?

Alexa launched the voice command remote control that is compatible with the Firestick device and the TV controls.

Not all the FireTV sticks are compatible with the Alexa voice controls. Here is the list of supported devices

  • FireTV stick lite
  • FireTV stick 4K
  • FireTV second generation and later
  • FireTV cube first generation onwards
  • 3rd generation Firestick
  • Pendant version device, etc

And the Alexa voice remotes are not compatible with the First generation FireTV sticks, or FireTV edition smart TVs.

So, when you buy an Alexa voice remote for your FireTV, check the above list whether the generation device you have is compatible or not.

Can I connect a single Firestick remote to multiple FireTV sticks?

Yes, you can. The only thing you need to do is just pair it with the device. As soon as pairing is completed, from the next second, you can use it with the paired device.

There will be some blinking code shows like a blinking blue light on Firestick remotes, which indicates the state of the remote and the devices like pairing issues, button pushed OFF, etc.

There are some other codes like flashing in orange color, Yellow color, Red color, etc. So, as an Amazon user, you should know the meaning of all these blinking codes.

Does Firestick have universal remotes?

Yes, there are a lot of third-party universal remotes available but you have to select based on the connectivity used. We know that the Amazon Firestick has Bluetooth controllers, so when you go for third-party controllers, they should have Bluetooth connectivity.

While saying this, there are IR remotes compatible with the FireTV stick, but you need extra enhancements like OTG cables, IR emitter devices, etc to use. This is not favorable. Connecting them and handling them is complicated.


When it comes to the usage of the Firestick remote for different FireTVs, we can say that it is universal and interchangeable. But when someone asks, can use it with other devices like TV, DVD players, Blu-ray, Soundbars, etc, we should say that it’s not universal.

Hope you got the exact idea.

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