Fix Blinking Blue Light On Firestick Remote In Under 1 Minute

It’s a great pleasure to entertain people with the Amazon FireTV streaming stick. However, what should one do when the remote control starts displaying anonymous signs during use? Many users are experiencing a flashing blue light on their FireTV stick remote.

Usually, it’s not an error but the FireTV device attempting to assess its current state. I’ll guide you through the fix in under a minute.

So, stop worrying about it feeling that your streaming device remote is in trouble. This blinking code is commonly available with the remote with a voice/Mic button.

what does it mean Firestick remote blinking blue?

Flashing the blue light continuously on the Amazon Firestick means that the remote microphone button has been pushed and activated voice assistance. Consequently, the remote has turned into the listening mode to receive voice commands from the user.

When you are on an attempt to pair the remote to your streaming stick, and the Blue light flashes three times and stops, it indicates that the pairing has been successfully completed.

Now, the Alexa voice remotes can be used with the Amazon Firestick remote. If you have recently bought a new Alexa remote, and the previously used remote doesn’t have a microphone button, that’s why you get worried about this. The same remote can be used with Firestick as well as Alexa.

Note:- In new model voice remotes, the button labeled Alexa logo is the microphone button.

How to turn off the flashing Blue light?

Four methods to fix the issue. So many users are getting the flashing in different patterns. But in most cases, the light will flash continuously. Some users reported flashing 10 times.

Whatever it may be, try the below methods to solve it.

Method 1:-

Press and hold down the Microphone button on the remote for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, release the button and see the blue light flashing has turned OFF.

Method 2:-

Press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds.

By doing the above two methods, we actually turn the Alexa voice command listening mode OFF.

Method 3:-

Since the flashing light indicates that the device looking for a voice command, say the wrong voice command to it. After processing the command, the blinking will be turned OFF.

If the above-given methods don’t work for you, then follow the third method described here

Method 4:-

  • Remove the batteries from the remote control
  • Unplug the Firestick HDMI from the TV and from the power outlet
  • Wait for 20 seconds
  • Then re-insert the batteries into the remote and reconnect the stick to the TV
  • Press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds
  • The Firestick will start pairing with the remote and the Blue light blinking will be ended

That’s all about fixing the issue.

Firestick with Alexa voice remote

The days ended searching for the movies, shows, etc using the keys on the remote control. Now the Firestick comes with the Alexa voice feature. There is a dedicated microphone button is present to search for the content. This makes you very comfortable watching the content that you want with less effort.

Just press and hold down the microphone button and then say the content that you wanted as Alexa voice command to enjoy the movie.

Alexa will be evoked and turned into voice assistance by blinking the Blue light on the remote control. After processing your voice command, the flashing will be turned off.

Meaning For More blinking codes:- In different colors

As an Alexa voice remote user, you should know the reasons for different blinking or flashing lights on the remote.

The remote will flash in orange, Green, and colored too. So, knowing the exact reasons why this is happening can allow you to solve it simply.

Firestick remote flashing in orange – This indicates that the remote is looking for the device for pairing.

Blinking in RED color – This means the batteries have low power. And you need to replace them immediately

Flashing Blue three times – Signal for successful pairing

LED turns to flash Green color – This means the remote control is under troubleshooting mode.

Rapidly Blinking with Yellow color – The remote is not paired with the primary device. You need to pair by turning On the primary device only.

What to do when you don’t want Firestick to flash in Blue light?

You should not press the microphone button located on the top portion of the remote control. It’s just below the power button and centralized.

If you aren’t looking to use Alexa voice assistance with your Amazon Firestick device, it’s better to buy a remote control that has no voice assistance activated. However, using the Alexa voice remote gives you more features and functions. I am sure, definitely, you love the remote.


As an Amazon Firestick and Alexa user, be aware of all the codes that the remote and the device show. By learning this, using the device will become extremely simple for you.

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