Hunter Fan Remote Not Working? Let Me Help To Fix

The days are gone when the ceiling fan operated with a switch and regulator on a switch box. Nowadays, smart ceiling fans are on the market, allowing you to control them with a dedicated remote control. One such fan is made by Hunter. What should you do when your Hunter fan remote is not working?

we are discussing this topic today. I know you have landed on this page to know how to fix the error.

Hunter fan remote replacement is easy, but before investing your hard-earned money in it, try the troubleshooting tips I mentioned below.

Before that,

Why is your Hunter fan remote not working?

When your Hunter fan remote is not properly paired with your ceiling fan, it won’t respond. and there are a couple of other factors that interrupt the working of your remote control like depleted batteries, power supply issues, weak IR signals, etc.

Although the remote is small in size, there is a higher probability that it gets damaged when it falls, especially on a solid and sturdy floor. When get serious damage that can’t be repaired, think about the replacement.

How to fix the Hunter fan not responding to the remote issue?

We have covered 6 common troubleshooting tricks outlined below

Check for depleted CR2032 batteries

It’s no AA or AAA batteries in the small Hunter fan remote control. Instead, a disc-shaped CR2032 battery, similar to the ones used in watches, is used. When it gets depleted, the fan will not respond to it’s control device. The type of battery is commonly available in retail stores and Via online.

Hunter fan remote battery

To check whether it is drained or not, you should have a multimeter device. Otherwise, a simple method is to replace the batteries. I think the second method is more convenient for you since there is no need for a multimeter if your job is not related to electronic servicing.


If you have spare batteries at your home, take them and replace them with the already inserted batteries. And then check the remote with the fan.

It’s always advisable to keep a pair of such coin batteries if you have a device that needs it at any time.

Properly pair your Hunter fan remote to the ceiling fan

When you encounter a pairing mistake with the remote, it may not function correctly. In this section, I’ll guide you through the proper setup process for the remote.

Start by locating the pairing button.

So, where can you find the Hunter fan pairing button?

Hunter fan remote pairing button location

Remove the back cap to access the battery compartment. Just below the batteries, there is a small pairing button.

Next, power cycle your fan. Turn off the switch, and then turn it back on.

Press the pairing button and listen for the beep sound. That’s all you need to do. Pairing completed, and start using it.


You may have more than one remote control whether it may not paired with your fan.

Reset the power at your breaker box

If the pairing process doesn’t produce a beep sound, it means that your remote is not properly paired with the fan.

In this case, what you can do is reset the power at your breaker box where the connection comes to your fan. Turn it off, wait for one minute, and then turn it back on.

Then, perform the pairing process as I mentioned above.

Make sure the fan remote receiver is properly working

There is a receiver installed on the Hunter fan mounting bracket. After turning off the circuit switch and the fan switch, carefully remove the receiver from its position.

Hunter fan receiver

Then, reconnect the receiver to your fan and ensure that there are no loose connections. If the receiver is not properly connected, it won’t receive signals from the remote control, which may be the reason why your Hunter fan remote isn’t working.

Please consult the user manual for instructions on properly connecting the receiver to the fan.

If the issue persists, consider replacing the receiver.

Contact Hunter support team

If none of the troubleshooting tips provided above help you get your remote working again, there is a dedicated Hunter support team available to analyze the issue and assist in finding a solution.

They have all types of contact support like E-mail support, Telephone, chat, etc.

Remember to note the model number of your fan, and the support agent will ask it to quickly analyze the issue.

Replace your Hunter fan remote and the receiver

Remote and receiver kits are available for purchase from their authorized stores as well as online. Before making a purchase, confirm that your fan doesn’t have any issues and that the problem lies with the remote and the receiver.

It’s advisable to reset the Hunter fan and then reinstall and configure it using their mobile application.

Ensure you check the model number and buy a replacement Hunter fan remote that matches it. Remotes operate on radio frequency and infrared signals, and they are specific to the fan model.

Check prices on Amazon


Hope you tried the tips I mentioned above to fix your Hunter remote control. I haven’t mentioned some of the very common issues like the obstructions, because you may already tried them.

Have you tried any additional troubleshooting methods that you’ve found helpful? I would be happy to add them to my article, as it could benefit others experiencing the same issue. Please leave a comment in the box below.

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