How To Program Dish Remote To TV With Or Without Codes?

The latest model Dish remotes such as 54.0, 52.0, 50.0, 40, and 32 can be easily programmed through the on-screen prompts, so you don’t need to apply the universal codes directly. But if you want to program some old model dish remote to TV, this is the right guide for you.

First of all, let’s look at the ways we can pair the Hooper new model remotes with the TV with the on-screen assistance.

New model dish remotes

It’s pretty simple to sync these remotes to work with your TV.

Make all the connections between the TV and the Dish set-top box. Turn on the devices. When the Home screen loads, press the Home button on the remote TWICE and then go to the REMOTE CONTROL tab. Then follow the on-screen prompts accordingly to pair the remote.

For models 40 and 32, there is no HOME button, instead, press the MENU button on the top to get the REMOTE control option.

3-Digit Dish remote codes for the most popular TVs

  • Insignia TV – 834, 538, 533, 720, 539, 727, 411, 751
  • LG – 627, 615, 505, 520, 421, 733, 553, 848
  • Magnavox – 560, 566, 829, 747, 579, 550
  • Panasonic – 512, 876, 780, 811, 577, 508, 784, 765
  • Philips – 747, 827, 566, 550, 627, 658
  • Pioneer – 547, 421
  • RCA – 831, 627, 503
  • Samsung – 680, 738, 601, 004, 681, 880, 727, 908
  • Sanyo – 590, 683, 726
  • Sharp – 628, 835, 505, 178
  • Sony – 500, 837, 590, 677
  • Toshiba – 852, 757, 631
  • Vizio – 505, 523, 598, 627, 720, 520
  • Westinghouse – 795, 553, 738, 500, 720

How to program Dish remote with codes?

If you are using some old model Dish remote in the series such as 20.0, 21.0, 21.1, etc, you can program those with your TV Via the direct code entry method.

Here are the instructions

Turn on your TV.

Press and hold the TV button until all of the device buttons (TV/DVD/STB/CBL) light up.

Enter any one of the 3-digit dish remote codes according to the brand.

Then, press the # button, and the TV button on the remote will blink 3 times.

Press the TV device button on top, the TV will shut down.

Turn on your TV again, and test your remote whether all of the functions are properly working.

How to program Dish remote to TV without codes?

Don’t worry if you are not getting the exact device code for your TV. Follow my instructions in this section to program the remote Via automatic code search method. You won’t directly input the code. But the remote will search for the perfect code according to your TV brand.

  • Switch on your TV
  • Point the remote to the TV
  • Press and hold the TV button on the remote until all of the device buttons light up
  • Release the button and you see all of the device keys blink
  • Press and release the POWER button
  • The TV keys change from blinking to solid lighting
  • Press the UP button; this action sends the first code to the code library
  • At regular intervals of 3 to 5 seconds, press the UP button until your TV turns off
  • When your TV is turned OFF, you can confirm that it received the right code
  • Now,¬†Press the # button to register and save the code

How to reset a Dish remote?

If your Dish remote is not working properly, you can reset it so that all of the small glitches will be vanished. Before trying a hard reset, I recommend you remove the batteries from the remote. Then wait 2 to 3 minutes. Then insert a fresh pair of batteries and program it for your TV.

Still have an issue, then follow the instructions to factory reset it.

Press the SAT button on the remote, followed by pressing the SYSTEM INFO on the receiver. Then press the SAT button again.


Have you upgraded the old model dish remote to a new one? I have one suggestion for you. Don’t leave the old remote, because it can be used as a universal remote for your TV. Keep it so that we can use it as an alternate remote for your TV.

Hope this post was helpful for you. Seeking suggestions to improve our content.

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