Best Universal Remote App For Non-Smart TV In 2023

Do you know how to control your non-smart TV with a phone but without a remote control? It’s a convenient way to manage your TV settings and navigate channels using your smartphone. If you’re interested, I can explain the steps to set it up.

As mobile applications continue to evolve and perform remarkable feats, plenty of remote apps—both paid and free—are available for download from app stores. These remote control applications are installed on our mobile devices to enable TV control. In this post, I’ll share the best universal remote app for non-smart TV in 2023.

We know that traditional TVs offer fewer features than advanced TVs, and many remote control apps are available for use with smart TVs. However, many people are unaware that numerous mobile apps are also available that can effectively control their non-smart TVs.

Once your original TV remote has broken and get frustrated, until you buy a new one, simply use any one of the following apps to control and manage your TV.

Best Universal Remote Apps For Non-smart TV

Here are the best apps you can opt from

Remote Control for All TV – Top Ranked

mobile TV universal remote app


This is a top-notch universal remote control application that transforms your smartphone into a powerful and smart universal remote. Packed with incredible features, it not only works with regular TVs, but also has the ability to control set-top boxes, DVD players, LED/LCD/Plasma/QLED TVs, home theater systems, and more.

It features an easy-to-use interface for pairing with your TV brand. Simply choose the brand from the list or search for it using the search bar provided at the top of the page for added convenience.

The compatibility with a wide range of device categories contributes to its popularity, leading to its presence in over 120 countries.

Other supported devices rather than non-smart TVs are

  • Android TVs
  • Other platform smart TVs
  • DVD players
  • AC
  • Fan
  • Projectors
  • AV receivers
  • STB
  • smart bulbs, etc

Universal TV Remote Controls by Codematic

universal TV remote control by codematic


This is one of the best remote control apps for both smart and non-smart TVs. With over 100 Million downloads, this application gets a high-quality rating and positive user response.

In order for this app to work with your non-smart TV, you should have an Android mobile device with a built-in IR sensor. You just need to select the TV brand name from the list provided to complete the setup process.

This app is also supported for smart modern televisions Via WiFi technology. All that you need to do is connect the TV and your mobile device to the same WiFi network.

Unimote Remote app

unimote TV remote app


Turn your Android device to a TV remote control with Unimote by Sensus Tech LLC. Works well with a reputed TV brand available in the market with an easy pairing mode.

Connect with the TV brands such as Samsung, LG, and Sony (All of its smart and non-smart versions). And works with streaming-aided smart TVs like Android TVs, FireTVs, Roku, etc. But it does not work with streaming stick devices.

One of the drawbacks I’ve encountered with this application is its regular display of ads, which significantly detracts from the overall user experience. However, by opting for their premium subscription, Unimote can function as an exceptional universal remote app for both non-smart TVs and streaming-enabled smart TVs.

The newer version has improved stability, voice, and keyboard input support.

Lean remote app

lean remote app

Download Now

Very simple and fun to use because of its unique graphical user interface. Not only for one particular type of device but it can be used to control different types of devices such as ACs, DVD players, projectors, Audio devices, Home theater systems, and smart and non-smart TVs. Such huge databases of devices are with the Lean remote app.

If any of your devices do not have a built-in IR sensor but have the capability to connect to an IR blaster, you can simply link this remote app to the IR blaster in order to control the device using your mobile phone.

Vsray universal remote app

Android Universal remote app for non-smart TV


Vsray remote control application helps you to control any model TV, but it has annoying ads. Provides a better user interface, is easy to connect with your branded TV, and can work on Android platforms that have IR blasters. I wish there was a paid membership available for this app, we can experience even good while controlling the TV. Unfortunately, they don’t have any paid subscription plan.

To be frank, this app can only be used till you get a replacement remote for your TV.

What are the mobile smartphones having IR blasters?

There are so many smartphone models that come with built-in IR blasters. If you are using any of them, simply install any one of the above-mentioned universal remote apps, and control your regular TV.

The most popular models are

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
  • OnePlus Nord 3 5G
  • Xiaomi Redmi 12 series
  • OnePlus 11R, etc

Do iPhones have an IR blaster?

Unfortunately No! none of the iOS smartphones have come with a built-in IR blaster. So, you need an Android device.

There are many universal remote apps available for the iPhone that allow you to control smart TVs with WiFi connectivity. You can also try to connect an external IR blaster to the audio jack as a connector and control regular TVs.

What to do when my Android device doesn’t have an IR blaster?

Still, there is hope. A portable IR blaster device can be available to buy from your local store or Amazon. This is a small external device you can simply connect with your mobile devices, and make it IR compatible.

Different types of IR blaster devices are available to match different mobile devices.

  • Type-C connector IR blaster
  • IR blaster with audio jack
  • Hub-based (Advanced) Example – BroadLink RM4Mini

Buy a low-budget universal remote for your non-smart TV

Numerous universal remotes are available inexpensively on Amazon or from your local electronics shops. They cost just below $15 and are seamlessly compatible with hundreds of TV brands.

One of my favorites is the ByJasco GE remote control. It has an extensive code library, and with simple steps, you can connect your TV and use it like an original remote control.

Some other brands you can try are RCA, Philips, One-for-all, Onn remote, Jumbo,  Sofabaton, Magnavox, etc.


Can you turn your phone into a remote for your TV?

Yes! Simply download and install any one of the best universal remote apps on your smartphone with an in-built IR sensor. Configure a remote app with your TV and start controlling your TV.

What if my phone doesn’t have IR capabilities or Wi-Fi? Can I still control my TV?

If your phone lacks IR or Wi-Fi capabilities, you might need to explore other options, such as Bluetooth-enabled remotes or dedicated hardware. You can either buy an external IR blaster or buy an IR hub.

But my recommendation is to buy a replacement remote rather than spend money on an external IR blaster. Interestingly, a simple universal remote costs less than an IR blaster.

Why should I use a paid remote app rather than a free one?

You might encounter irritating ads when using a free remote control app, which can result in a less-than-ideal experience. These ads serve as the primary source of income for the developers. In contrast, paid apps offer an ad-free experience, ensuring that no pop-up ads will appear while in use.



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