Why Is Onn Roku TV Remote Not Working? [Fixed]

ONN TV has been integrated into Roku-built smart TVs. The original remote is a small one that resembles a Roku streaming stick remote. It’s very comfortable to use and easy to hold in hand. But what should you do if the ONN Roku TV remote isn’t working?

There could be a couple of reasons why it isn’t working correctly. You might be tempted to buy a new replacement remote without trying any troubleshooting tips. But wait…!

In this post, I’ll share with you some tips and tricks to resolve the issue.

So, why ONN Roku TV remote control not working?

The most probable reasons could be due to

  • when the batteries got bad
  • when there is an obstacle between the remote and the TV
  • The IR sensor may be blocked
  • Rust on the battery contacts
  • Pairing issues
  • Some of the small internal issues, etc

Let’s see how to identify the issues and solve them to get your remote back in good working condition.

I know that you may already checked the batteries and their charge status. But there is no result even after replacing the batteries, so keep reading.

Soft reset the TV

This is the primary step that you can head over to solve the issue.

We’ll perform a soft recycle or reset on the ONN Roku TV to fix any minor errors. This involves removing all the cords, such as the power cord and HDMI cable, and unplugging them from their respective connection points. Then, wait for a duration of 1 to 2 minutes.

At this time, press and hold down the power button on the TV for 30 seconds. The ONN Roku TV power button could be located on the back side of the side panel. (Depends on the model)

After 2 minutes, plug all the separated cords to the appropriate connection points.

Now everything errors resided on the TV will be resolved.

Re-program the remote to your TV

Since we have done soft recycling of the TV, the paired settings will be lost. So, we should re-program the remote to the ONN TV again.

For a normal ONN TV, we just don’t need to pair or program. Because the remote is already paired there is no need to do any further settings.

But in the case of a Roku-built-in smart TV, we should program every time the remote gets disconnected from the TV.

Follow the steps

  • Turn on the Roku ONN TV Manually
  • Aim the remote at the TV
  • Press and hold down the OK button until the TV recognizes the remote control and paired
  • The pop-up message will be shown on the screen

After that test the buttons with the TV whether all are working fine.

Hope this will help in fixing the issue.

If not, then we have to check some technical aspects.

What to do when there is no pairing button on the ONN Roku TV remote control?

Just press and hold down the Home button and Left arrow button continuously for 10 seconds until you get a success message on the TV screen.

Do some technical aspects: Relaxing the remote buttons

This includes relaxing the buttons.

Why are we doing this, this will fix the spammy buttons, and solve the buttons won’t work issues on the Onn Roku TV remote. When any one of the buttons is stuck, the others will not work. So, relaxing all of them will definitely help to fix the issue.

It could also fix the not working volume buttons, power buttons, pairing buttons, etc.

Remove the batteries

After pulling out the batteries, then press and hold the power button for 20 seconds. This will eliminate any small charge accumulated and will free up the circuit board.

Remove any rust on the battery contacts

This is important. Check if any rust has accumulated on the battery contacts in the compartment. If yes, then slowly remove them by scrubbing them with a small knife.

To simply remove such stains, just apply any type of oil (Just a small amount) and then scrub with a small knife or a small iron rod.

Also, don’t forget to clean the IR sensor of both the remote and the Onn Roku TV. And remove if any obstacles that violate the direct line of sight between them.

Relaxing all the buttons

This is the step we are freeing up any stuck-on buttons. Press and release all those buttons very quickly for 2 – 3 minutes. When our remote gets wet by any water contents like Tea, coffee, or juice, the buttons may be stuck. Doing this step will free all of them.

Rather than the upper surface of the remote, the volume and the Mute buttons are located on the side. Apply the technique on those buttons too.

When these given steps are done, your Onn Roku TV remote has been literally reset to soft resetting.

Then re-program the remote to the TV by the above-mentioned steps after inserting the fresh batteries.

Check whether any serious issues with the ONN remote

If the above-given solutions are not working, then there will be a serious issue like the IR sensor complaint or the damaged circuit board. When it falls down with force, the hardware parts like the sensor, board, etc may get broken.

To check the IR sensor, point the remote to a mobile camera and then press any button. When the IR LED is blinking and can see with your naked eye through the camera, there is no issue.

Buy a replacement remote

When you can’t fix the issue, it’s better to buy a new original or replacement universal remote control. Onn itself has a universal remote, easily programmable but it will not be compatible when I check the compatibility on their official website. But compatible with non-Roku ONN smart TVs. You can contact their customer support to know whether it is usable or not.

Alternatively, try other universal remote controls that are suited for your TV.

Still, you can use your ONN Roku TV without a remote

Surprised? But this is true. There will be control buttons on the TV panel or the back side usually seen in the bottom left corner. There will be Power, Volume, Input, and Settings, buttons available. But it’s limited and a little bit risky to manage without a remote control as you know.

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